Exploring Cultures through Myth

ExploringCultures through Myth

Howwomen came into being

Tomy dear son,

Iwas born a long time ago to a man in a land far away in the West.This land had extremely harsh environmental conditions that we couldnot plant any food materials. As for my family, friends and thosepeople who lived near us, we did not see any importance of existenceof plants and animals. In my family and all those people in thatland, we were only men. We never even imagined that the plants couldbe sources of food. I came to realize later that we were lost andtracing our origin was a complicated journey. So every day we wouldmove within our land, alone. We utilized water as our chief source offood.

Thenone day, someone assumed power and led us. Having encouraged unityamongst us, we were able to work well together, improved ourconceptual skills and we were working on developing our very ownpiece of land. We heard that there were other communities whoexisted, apart from us, and that our community was the only one thathad prospered. The name of this leader was Athos. We were allcontented with our life for we had understood our purpose for living.Years passed and we realized that we were not satisfied and we wentback into our old habits and way of living. Our leader, Athos,realized this and out of consultation, he made his mind to introduceinto our community, other beings that were like us but different.They were different in that their bodies were not strongly built likeours. They were women! They were so good looking and we saw it as avaluable present from our leader. They bewitched us because of theirnature and their supernatural capabilities.

Eachof the men in our land took a woman to be his friend and helper andwe would stay with them until the day we would pass on. A kind ofceremony was organized so that this union would not be broken,forever. Funnily, our lives as men changed rapidly with theintroduction of these beings. We would do anything possible to makethem happy and satisfied. Surprisingly also, some of these women hadasked their men to go out to steal diamonds from other men. While wegrew weak and weary, our women hardly changed. They were the same andas charming as we received them years back. This situation disturbedAthos so much that he assembled the women in his home and he informedthem that they had a decision to choose between their supernaturalactivities and their youthfulness. Athos also told these women thatif they were wise enough, they would still remain in their youthfulstate while their husbands worked for them. Some women thought theywere not loved anymore by their husbands and so they chose to stayyoung. Others chose wisdom and this made them lose their supernaturalcapabilities. These wise women could no longer leave their husbandsto do everything for them but they shared every duty that they had toperform. However, the women who chose their beauty realized that theywere being admired because of how good they were looking and nottheir personality or who they were.

Ifeel that you can guess what happened next. It is so dreadful to tellyou but I will do it for the sake of my peace of mind, son. Thosewomen who chose wisdom were chased from their homes and they soughtrefuge in the Valley of the Monsters, South of our land. The womenwho had chosen beauty grew jealous and chased the first ones awayfrom their homes and places of work. They stayed in the valley for acouple of months and this happenings, annoyed Athos. Once again, hecalled for a meeting and he let all the women know how disgusted hewas. The beautiful women had allowed beauty to control them and evento affect how men perceived them. Those who chose to be wise, decidedthat they would run from their problems instead of presenting them totheir husbands and solving them. Remember that there were women whochose nothing. Athos let them keep and maintain that beauty, but hedid not give them their wisdom. To the women that were chased intothe Valley, Athos decided that he would give them the greatest gift.He gave them a promise that any individual who loved them wouldremain beautiful more than anyone else in our land. That is how I gotyour mother.

Briefly,from this story, in exploring culture with myth, it has been shownhow culture has been affected in various communities. The results ofintroduction of women in the story are symbolic of the negativecultural differences that people have generated within themselves interms of responsibilities. Many individuals have partitioned theirresponsibilities according to gender. Despite this, a number ofothers people have embraced the need to work together for thebetterment of our societies, this were represented in the story bythe women who were chased into the valleys because of their wisdom.


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