I have enthusiastically indulged myself into explorations andappraisals with the help of a group of colleague designer accompliceswith whom we share a common interest in Benghazi. This is a precisebias to the focus of the old metropolitan, endangered by theproperties of the political war. During my exploration, i heldcopious meetings when i was all in the city. Occasionally, I stillliaise and keep abreast with latest developments through social mediaplatforms with my former colleagues. Facebook in particular has beena very effective tool for our easy communication (Bolner &ampPoirier, 2013).


By making an exhaustive spot breakdown of the entire city over therecent past, I have been able to make tremendous achievement over thepast one year. Extensive explorations with specific references fromItaly and turkey have been quite instrumental in my research. I alsoexhaustively analyzed statistics from periodicals as well asarcheological sites.


a) From my inquiries, i wish to make elaborate comparisons betweenthe statistics i gathered and those data i read from chronologicalpamphlets. This will not only lead me to providing a thorough reportof the same but also give a breakdown of the transitions.

b) My focus is by the end of my inquiry, to have clear diagrams andplan layouts of the structures from which i gathered information.

c) I further wish to hand in a complete scrutiny of my inquiry withmore weight from a complete written thesis ill have ready by February2017.

d) I aim at indulging the locals from Benghazi to collect furtherinsight from them.

e) This i aim to achieve by organizing for conferences, with onealready underway scheduled for Valencia, i aim to organize forsimilar ones with time.


The political situation in Benghazi has been a big hindrance to thedevelopment of my inquiries resulting from the mounted tension fromtime to time. Documentation of buildings has also proved a challengeemanating from fires and blast that have seen into their collapse.Benghazi’ archives are less with hardly any source of referenceleading to my sourcing for documentation from as far as Turkey andItaly, which has been quite detrimental to my headway.


I am extremely grateful to my advisor who has so far offered asupportive base system as I can always schedule for a meeting withthem within any time of our convenience. They are always a call awayand available to answer to my queries even when I am off precincts onexploration.


Bolner, M. S., &amp Poirier, G. A. (2013).&nbspThe researchprocess: Books &amp beyond. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt Pub.Co.