Female reproductive system disorders

Femalereproductive system disorders

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8November 2015

Femalereproductive system disorders

Thereproductive system is made of a collection of internal and externalhuman organs. In female reproductive system disorders may occur dueto the diseases in one of the reproductive organs. These reproductiveorgans may include the vagina, ovaries breasts or the fallopiantubes. Therefore, this paper will focus on exploring the similaritiesand differences between different female reproductive disorders andevaluating the diagnosis of the disorders as well as the treatment.

McPhee,&amp Hammer, (2010)Argues that the female reproductive system is often affected by thedisorders such as the altered menstruation and the pelvic paindisorders. The disorders are as a result of the age factor thataffect the woman reproductive system. The disorders are likely tooccur in the menopausal years(McPhee, et al 2012).Usually, the altered menstruation and the pelvic pain disorders inthe female reproductive system share common similarities, and theyalso have differences.


Similarly,menstruation and the pelvic pain disorders occur dues to diseases inother organs that affect the functioning of the reproductive systemsof the female body. Such organs include the brain, kidney, liver andhypothalamus. McPhee,et al (2012)outlines that another similarity between menstruation and the pelvicpain disorders is that the two disorders cause other body disordersin the female tissues. For example, the disorders alternate theovarian hormones that are responsible for maintaining the femaletissues healthy.


McPhee,&amp Hammer, (2010)claims that altered menstruation and the pelvic pain disorders arecaused by different conditions in the woman body. As such, alteredmenstruation disorder is caused by abnormal menstrual periods in thefemale body whereas pelvic pain disorders are as a result ofdifferent conditions such as endometriosis.

Theway age factor affect the treatment of altered menstruation and thepelvic pain disorders

Accordingto (Huether,&amp McCance, 2008).)nearly half of the patients suffering from the altered menstruationand the pelvic pain disorders get the right treatment. Factors suchas age affect the treatment of the two disorders, in a way that theinfected organs causes other disorders in the women tissues, and ittakes time for the patient to verify the disorder she is suffering.Usually, the disorders occur in menopausal years.


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