Flower shop management

Flowershop management

Flowershop management

Flowershops are business operations like any other. They require a qualityprocess of administrating the different organizational objectives.The rate of progressive change in organizations addresses the rightelements in making business successful (Holmes, 2012). The objectiveof this paper is to make an analysis of issues and challenges in theimplementation of Human resource (HR), Management Information Systems(MIS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) for a flower shop in Kuwait.


Theelectronic data exchange can be applied in improving themarketability of the company’s products. However, the onlinepresentation made may not meet the right perspectives in making theflower products well understood by the varying consumer groups(Holmes, 2012). In some cases, the presentations made will not thespecial interest of the local people interested in buying theflowers. The MIS may also be so costly that the total productioncosts are high.

SupplyChain Management

Theuse of internet for linking to different supply networks can resultin conning. Florist supply request can be made and not met. Theinternet supply chains can be exposed to conmen who do not have aphysical office where they can be located. This means that money willbe spend on goods that may be not received. The legal follow upprocedures for the internet chains may lead to the incurring of hugeproduction costs to the disadvantage of the entity profits (Holmes,2012).


Theappraisals done on a yearly basis may not show the true performanceof the workforce. A frequent technique of evaluating the employees’performance is more appropriate. The end of year appraisals may leavesignificant details in improving the employees’ output (Holmes,2012).


Theflower shop management is aimed at making the entity a market leaderin the Kuwait flower industry. All the management issues areaddressed for improvement of the entity’s profit making mission.


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