General Education Skills

GeneralEducation Skills

Criticalthinking, written and oral communication skills, global awareness,information literacy and competency in technology ranks among the topgeneral education skills that have helped to mold me into aproficient student. Absolute proficiency in communication skills, aswell as critical thinking, improves my standing as a job applicant ina recruitment interview. They are avenues for accomplishment in mycareer field.

Xing(2013) asserts that the purpose of general education is to developcomplete human potentialities through the combination of knowledgefor the purpose of solving the troubles of the society and helpingstudents to become excellent citizens. For example, education trainsone the importance of being honesty and refraining from unethicalacts such as stealing. Secondly, it educates individuals theimportance of being loyal to one’s country as well as workingtowards developing the economy of the nation. The outlined generaleducation skills are essential for me to succeed as a student, in mycareer and my responsibilities in life. They have provided a platformfor me to evaluate problems with the available information to makesound judgments. Furthermore, they have made it possible for me toexpress myself accordingly and aptly use technology for constructiveadvancement in my career field.

Amidmy personal strengths is the ability to manipulate communication wellto compel people to action and the ability to use the availableresources to achieve progress. A remarkable passion for doing thingsin a perfect manner also stands as my personal strength. On the otherhand, personal weaknesses lie in my inability to comprehendexclusively and utilize technology for trepidation of stepping out ofmy comfort zone. My skills in technology are quite wanting, but it isup to me to design changes. As Stella Cottrell argues, “Nobodyis going to be interested in what happens to you like yourself,ultimately it’s down to you to make things happen(Cottrell, 2011).”

Theimprovement of the post-industrial job market is one enormous motivefor emphasizing skills from the general knowledge (Xing, 2013). In myview, my career operation in will be a crucial opportunity for me tocontribute to the goal of making post-industrial job market better.Technology is an integral part of most careers. Consequently,participating in the functions that train people on the strategies toenhance the job market will is crucial as it helps to improve the jobenvironment.

Overcomingthe challenges of the post-industrial work environment will help toenhance my career, through creating a forum for me to accessinnovative ideas. It will enhance my performance and keep meconnected to the work trends around the globe. Besides, stepping outof my comfort zone to embrace the new technology will enhance my jobperformance through helping me to develop an open mind. An open mindis important for providing dynamic and top-notch techniques offinding diverse job-related challenges.


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