Globalization Impacts of the Social Media

GlobalizationImpacts of the Social Media

GlobalizationImpacts of the Social Media

WhenMark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey founded Facebook and Twitterrespectively, they had no idea about the globalization force thatwould tag along the two innovations. The sites have become theleading online social platforms among individuals from diversegeographic locations and cultures. They have created avenues forexchange not limited by time or distance that is also known asconnection overload (LaRose, Connolly, Lee, Li, &amp Hayles, 2014).

Contentfrom the Internet is shared far and wide across these platforms andusers access it with relative ease. The content is inclusive ofdressing trends, eating habits, language and general conduct thatmake up culture. The question on dating and courtship has seen youngpeople deviate from the norms of their culture to embracing onlinedating culture made possible by the social platforms. Interpretationof information by online users have since developed both positive andnegative impacts on their culture (LaRose, Connolly, Lee, Li, Hayles,2014).

Positively,people have stepped out of their comfort zones to shun negativecultures that demean them. The social platforms have united peopleagainst social evils such as female genital mutilation that wasrampant in some countries. Pages created on Facebook and hash tagscreated on Twitter have exposed the social evils sturdily condemningthem. Through inspiration from powerful online users, the culture ofgirl child education has since been embraced in regions thatinitially condemned it (LaRose, Connolly, Lee, Li, Hayles, 2014).

Keyfact on the negative implications is the homogenization of culture.This is according to LaRose et al. (2014) explainthis as treating cultural orientation as an individual differencerather than an attribute of the nations in which individuals live.Individuals specifically the youth have taken up a culture ofdressing trends that are trending among the celebrities on socialmedia. From the hairdo to the type of clothing is an imitation thathas since seen young people disregards their heritage. The mostdetrimental effect on culture is the loss of social skills among theusers. LaRose et al. (2014) describe this as continueddistraction from important life activities by interruptions frommultiple channels of electronic communication present all hours ofthe day.


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