Good Friendship



Friendship is an integral component in any person’s life. Studieson the benefits disclose that good friendship greatly increases thelevel of happiness in an individual’s life. It is thereforeimportant to have good friends. The big question that arises is howto identify a good friendship. This paper seeks to examineattributes of good friendship.

Burger (2007) argues that good friendship is characterized byintimacy. In most cases, friends are more likely to disclose to oneanother intimate and deep topics such as self-concepts, relationshipsand even sexual experiences. Disclosure of intimate issues is a signof trust which basically implies that good friendship exists betweentwo or more people.

Good friendship can also be noted by the level of support givenessentially during tough times. It is usually difficult to find aperson who can stick around even during difficult situations. Nevertheless, when people remain friends and support each other evenduring the most difficult times, then it can be stated that goodfriendship does exist (Smith, 2004).

Another vital element of good friendship is the existence of aconnection. It is important to admit that the names, the level ofimportance and faces of friends can change over of the years.However, when connection exists, the friendship will never end. Having a connection is therefore a critical sign of good friendship.Nurturing the relationship is significant because it creates alasting connection (Smith, 2004).

Trustis also a significant element of good friendship. Trust is actuallyone of the leading values that should exist in a friendship. Whenthere is trust among friends then the friendship is bound toflourish.

In conclusion, it can be stated that it essential to identify the keyelements of good friendship in order gain the happiness that isassociated with good friendship.


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