Grace Provides a Particular Rule of Life

GraceProvides a Particular Rule of Life

GraceProvides a Particular Rule of Life

Accordingto Timmer (2011), to be gracious means showing kindness, favor,compassion love and love to an inferior party. Grace could be from asenior to juniors, parents to children and God to man amongst others.God’s grace is the most common and can be manifested in some ways.Religious writings cover numerous stories from various backgroundswhich eminently portrays God as the most gracious individual. InChristianity, pieces of evidence of God’s grace is manifestedthrough his acts of favor and mercy. God`s enduring and inclinationtowards human being are many. In this writing, various elements ofGod’s grace to man are explored and their influence on people`slife.

Inthe book of Isaiah 30:18, it is written of how God is Gracious to thehuman race. God’s love is the clearest manifestation of grace. Hisattributes of love as expressed in the Bible magnifies his favortowards human beings (Barth, Bromiley &amp Torrance, 2004). Evenwhen one is not willing to reciprocate the love, He continues to actwell. Acts of grace include the provision of manna to the children ofIsrael and crossing of the Red Sea.

Theproject aim of this is to evaluate the role of grace in modelingpeople`s understanding of life. Since different people have differentday to day undertaking, exploration of people from the variousreligious background will help in establishing the role played bygrace in providing rules of life. People living life above average,as well as those living below, will be questioned to narrate theirperspective of grace. Also, religious people will be evaluatedcritically and their views on grace compared to the picture carriedby non-religious people.

Parentsdeliver great things to children because they need to sustain them. Parents also give a safe house, sustenance, and dress because theyrealize it is fundamental to the prosperity of the youngsters.Additionally, they give them blessings out of affection for theirkids. God does likewise (, 2015). He has giveneverything to humankind with the end goal being to achieve success. God’s grace goes past just subsistence. He customizes every singleblessing, and the rules of nature dictate reciprocation of the same.

Intotality, God’s grace is eminent in many people’s lives. Graceplays a huge role in influencing what people does in their day to daylife. On this regard, it is possible to demonstrate how God’s poweris manifested in this diverse ways. The proposal will, therefore,make a comprehensive cover of various acts of Grace.


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