Grandparent Interview


Canyou provide a rough depiction of how life was during your childhoodand early adult life?

WhenI was growing up life was easier and less complicated than it istoday. The only available form of entertainment was family. The oldermembers of the family guided the young ones in playing during the dayand storytelling in the evening. Most families lived in large farms.People mostly met in social places such as churches and market onSundays, holidays, and other occasions.

Comparedto today, how different was life back then based on the conveniencesthat modern technology has brought to everyday life?

Backthen, there was very little technological development. There were nottelephones, Internet and computers like there is today. For example,Simple domestic tasks such as ironing were not as easy as they weretoday since people used charcoal iron boxes compared today wherealmost everything is electric and fast.

Howwas the advertisement world back then in the newspaper and othertypes of media?

Duringmy childhood, the newspaper was the major mode of advertisement.Unlike now, the newspaper was published once a week. Adverts werecharged on a “per word” basis. Apart from the newspaper, othermodes of advertisement included notice board pin up and word of mouthcommunication.

Havingbeing to several of your friends’ house, what devices do they havethat you do not? What devices do you have that they do not?

Mostof my friends who are roughly my age have been swept by thetechnology wave just like me. Almost all the friends I visit have airconditioning systems, home theatres, televisions and computers fortheir children. I also have all these devices but on top of it, Ihave a music studio in my house that my son uses to record his rapmusic.

Asyou were growing up, was there war in the country? If so how was thesituation?

Bythe time I was born, the war had already ended. It, therefore, goeswithout saying that I did not experience the war. However, I felt itsconsequences. These included refugee camp across the country andeconomic instability that left many families struggling to meet theirbasic needs.

Howold were you when your family acquired a television set and how didit change your life?

Iwas 11 years old when my dad bought a television set. I cannot forgetthe excitement. We were the only family in the neighborhood without aTV. At least I could now discuss television programs with my friendsunlike before when I always kept quiet when they talked about whatthey saw on TV the previous night.

Whengrowing up, what your major mode of transport for you and yourfamily?

Myfather was a big lover of horses. He had five horses and twochariots. Since there were no vehicles back then, the horse-drawnchariots were the major transport means for our family when we neededto move people or products from our farm around.

Basedon the standards of living back then, did your parents seem satisfiedwith the life you lived?

Basedon life back then, our family was well off. My parents provided uswith all that we needed to live a comfortable life. They could evenafford to give us luxuries such as horses and a television set.

Doyou think today’s technology and modernity affect young peoplepositively or negatively and why?

Ifeel technology has both negative and positive effects on thechildren of today. On the positive side, technology has made lifeeasy for today’s children. Communication is now a touch of a buttonaway. Kids can also get academic materials online. On the flip side,technology poses various threats to the children of today. Vices likecyberbullying and viewing of adult content are some of the negativeeffects of modernity on today’s children.


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