Group Discussion Response Posts


GroupDiscussion Response Posts

PeerComment 1: Ami Patel

Youmade a very great point that natural resources are important in thesustenance of the growing population. I agree with you that naturalresources are important for the progress of the country. This isbecause the natural resources such as the wilderness are a keycomponent of the development of the country like national parks(Nash, 2014). I agree with you that we need to utilize the naturalresources to not only develop the economies, but also to grow thesociety. I think the natural resources have made the America societywhat it is today. For instance, I think that the use of natural gasand petroleum gives a good example of the progress made in theindustrialization of America to the nation it is today. However, Iagree with you about the dangers that may follow if the naturalresources are used badly. You have given a very good example ofdeforestation as the consequence of poor use of natural resources.

PeerComment 2: Mathew Cerone

Youhave taken an interesting view of the use of natural for the progressof a country. I agree with you that the idea of progress matters. Ithink that the concept of progress should be well defined andexplained if the use of resources has to be explained or justified.In explaining this, you have provided a good explanation that naturalresources should be made in safe ways. You also note an interestingexplanation of the word “exploit” in regard to the use of naturalresources for progress. I agree with you that the use of naturalresources for progress should not be based on the idea of exploiting.I think the country should be more resourceful and use new ideas tomake the use of the natural resources more practical for nationaldevelopment. This way, the natural resources will be used fordevelopment and for a safer society, rather than an unsafe nation.


Nash,R.F. (2014). Wildernessand the American Mind.London. Yale University Press