Healing Hospital A Daring Paradigm

HealingHospital: A Daring Paradigm


HealingHospital: A Daring Paradigm

Theparadigm of a healing hospital is meant to ensure a healingenvironment. It is a hospital that is more focused on the removingthe stress factors in a hospital for the patients to feel more atpeace. The staff too are enabled to work in conditions that allowthem to provide more than healthcare and increase comfort, andserving the whole person. In this, the physicians in a healinghospital are concerned not only of the ailment but also his peace,and understanding the patient’s spirituality (Chapman, 2004).

Componentsof a healing hospital

Inconsideration of creating a healing hospital, there are majorly threekey components that are vital. The components goes beyond the walls,glass and the mortar. They include

Creatinga physical environment that endorses healing. In this, it is creatinga quiet environment that enables the patients to rest and sleep well.This enables them to recover much faster as the cells repair andrejuvenate much faster when a patient is a slip and at rest. Theenvironment not only gives room to care for the patients but also howthe caregivers interact with the families of the patients. As theproviding of a loving compassionate and aesthetically attractiveenvironment promotes healing. The environment helps the patient andtheir families to cope with the stresses of an illness (MILLER,2013).

Anothercomponent is technology and its integration of thee work design. Inthis, the compassionate staff is equipped with current technology. Atechnology that will help and assist the to give the best care to thepatients while also minimising their stress factors. The designing othe healing hospitals also seek to maintain a patient’s privacy,security and integrity. This ensures that the staff works effectivelyand efficiently, and the technology promotes a healing environment.In addition having the best equipment helps to the physicians to getfaster and more accurate results while also reduces the patient’sanxiety.

Thelast key factor is a culture that enforces radical loving care.Without this culture, many healing hospitals would just be lovely andpretty. This is created when the employees come together and committo making an environment that fosters and focuses healing to everysingle patient. The culture also takes on a holistic approach thattakes care of not only the patient`s physical needs but also hisspiritual and emotional needs. In this, it is believed that healingis accelerated (Theron, 2008).

Challengesof a healing hospital

Thereare numerous challenges in creating a healing hospital and making itwork effectively. One of the challenges includes getting all thestaff, the nurses and the physicians on board with the health carephilosophies. Philosophies that are used in a healing hospital.Communication too is mandatory in any healthcare system, additionallyopen lines should be maintained to all physicians and nurses(Chapman, 2004). This should help them view patients as theirs as awhole and not mine or hers hence improve the healthcare quality. Hiring off employees who are skilled and willing to provide more thanthe healthcare but also support in line to the philosophies isimportant. This enables the employees to work as a team as everyoneis willing to go an extra mile in support of the culture of a healinghospital. Financial problems are also a major challenge in thecreation of a healing hospital. The challenges include creating aquiet environment that requires specialised silenced machinery,carpeted floors and new modes of communication.


Thebiblical aspect of a healing hospital is found in Jeremiah 33:6. Thescripture is about promoting healing and health so as people canenjoy peace and security in their lives. The healing hospital’sprinciples are in line with the verse. In this, a healthcare providershould care for the patients physical emotional and spiritual needsto enforce peace and security (Jeremiah 33:6).


Inconclusion, for the idea of successful healing hospital to beinstituted, the three components must be present and the challengesand barriers overcome. The hospitals are great since they focus onthe whole person and creates an environment that promotes optimalhealing. All the employs play important roles in the healing of thepatients. While also supporting a culture, which promotes a holisticintegration of the families for better healing (MILLER, 2013).


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