Health Care Questions

HealthCare Questions


HealthCare Questions

Question1:Steps to Ensure Better Patient Outcomes at Reduced Costs

Improvingpatient outcomes and reducing the cost of care require highlycompetent employees attending to the patients (Yadav, 2011).Continuous training of the healthcare providers to equip them withthe necessary knowledge and skills translates to high-quality carewhich in turn promotes better patient outcomes and preventscomplications that incur extra costs. A highly competent workforce isalso able to utilize the best and the cheapest treatment modalitythus improving the outcome and reducing the cost of treatment. Inaddition, well-trained professionals diagnose disease early andintervene in a timely manner which prevents progression tolife-threatening stages that are costly to treat.

Question2:Available Resources when performing a Self SWOT Analysis

Otherpeople such as peers, friends, your employer, and relatives can be avaluable resource when doing a self-SWOT analysis. They can provideinformation about your strengths and weaknesses, especially whenrelating to them. Education certificates, past achievements, honors,and awards that you have gotten can come in handy in identifying thestrengths and talents you possess. The industry you work in can beanother resource which can help in understanding the personalopportunities available for growth. Social networks and strategiccontacts can also come in handy in helping you identify existingopportunities. The obstacles and competition that one faces are keyaspects towards the assessment of the threats.

Question3:Career Role and Opportunity of Interest

Iam most interested in nursing. I would love to be a licensed andregistered nurse to coordinate patient care. This is a universalcareer with countless opportunities all over the world. The continuedshortage of nurses in the U.S. and other countries has increased thedemand for nurses. For example, the U.S. News and World Reportestimate that the employment of registered nurses will grow by 19.4%by 2022 which is faster than the average of all populations. Inaddition, the U.S. News and World report rank registered nursing jobas the sixth best career in America (Mghihp, 2015).

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