Health Care Services For Arab Speaking Immigrants in the U.S


HealthCare Services For Arab Speaking Immigrants in the U.S

Iintend to address the advocacy issues regarding access to health careservices among the Arab-speaking immigrants in America. The topic haschanged my perspective regarding the provision and access ofhealthcare services among all individuals in the society. TheArab-speaking immigrants in the US face mental health difficulties asthey seek to adjust their lifestyle. In addressing the matter, I havegathered important information from scholarly and web sources. Withabout 15 sources, I will be in a position to generate an informativeresearch study that addresses advocacy in health care needs among theArab-speaking immigrants in America. One area that brings difficultyis the cultural challenges.

Advocacyon the health care needs of the Arab-speaking immigrants in the USassesses issues such as marital conflicts, discrimination, andparenting difficulties, among other health risks. Advocacy includesexamining the significance of key stakeholders such as healthprofessionals and community leaders. Health difficulties affectingthe immigrants need an appropriate understanding of the culturalinterpretation among the Arab immigrants in the US. In examining thetopic, several studies have indicated issues such as stress andeconomic difficulties among the immigrants when trying to adjust toAmerican life. The topic will help an individual in understanding theappropriate care and advocacy that should be offered to the patients.It will also help in identifying the social and economic indicatorsthat influence the provision of healthcare services to theseindividuals. Advocacy will help the key stakeholders to provideappropriate health education and awareness among the Arab immigrantsin the US. Ultimately, advocacy initiatives will help in creatingArab-speaking healthcare providers who understand the cultural andsocial influences that affect the healthcare outcomes among theseindividuals (Kersey-Matusiak, 2013).


Kersey-Matusiak,G. (2013). Deliveringculturally competent nursing care.New York, NY: Springer Pub. Co.