Health Questions Question 1



Personalaction plans are the plans that one creates with the aim of achievingcertain goals. The benefits that come with having a personal actionplan include being sure of what one wants to do, an individual isable to have organized plans which will assist in attaining thedesired goals and through the action plan a person is able toconcentrate on the ambition they wish to achieve.


Withinmy chosen career as a nurse, there has improvement in the learning ofnew skills which are being emphasized on to al in the healthdepartment. These skills which are being made mandatory includeindividuals being taught on how to use the new and more advancedequipments which keep coming up. Through this continuing education, ahealth worker will be in a way better position to offer efficientservices to patients.


Fora non licensed professional to participate in continuing educationprograms the main reason which may motivate them would be due toattain a more paying salary. With more education an employee who doesnot require license will find themselves being paid more than theyearlier were getting paid. Not only would they get more in theirsalary, they might end up gaining more ranks in terms of the positionthey hold.


Settinggoals does have various advantages which all provide a positive endresult like attaining the desired outcome which one has been workingto achieve. When a person sets goals a few factors are involved whichinclude the creating of realistic, achievable, time targeted andmeasurable level for outcome (Baumeister,&amp Bushman, 2014).Some of the tips that I did find very helpful in creating goalsinclude the making of effort, working along with persistence. If onefollows these two tips he or she will find themselves achieving theirgoals beyond the expectations they had set.


Continuationof education together with training opportunities from organizationsis more preferable as the organization will ensure that one gets thebest level of educations so as to provide efficient results to itsclient (Baumeister,&amp Bushman, 2014).It would be of much beneficial if an individual went through trainingprovided by the organization for this will prove that they wish tocontinue working with you and will later reward you with a higherposition.


Stepsthat will help in reaching a specific goal include persistence whichone has to have (Baumeister,&amp Bushman, 2014).Through persistence there will be much concentration as one will workand do their very best so as to try and gain the result which theymostly want. Another step which will highly assist in theaccomplishment of a goal is through setting of a certain target. Thisstrategy of putting across a target ensures that an individual putsmore focus on his or her goal from the beginning till they obtaintheir target (Baumeister,&amp Bushman, 2014).The most important step in goal making is use of effort, I insist onthis as it is the most primary step. With effort, determination willfollow which will mean that one is surely going to work hard at whatthey are doing so as to get their final result which in this case istheir goal. If one does not follow the steps of attaining goals theywill automatically not get the results they wished. To someone whowould find it hard to follow the steps, it would be advisable thatthey first be sure of what they want and finally be able to love whatthey are working on. This way they will be motivated to work towardtheir goal.


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