Healthcare Marketing


Thehealthcare organization does find itself shifting into new policiesand rules that are constantly changed due to the come up of newinnovations and also as a result of consumers who have been able togain much knowledge on health matters (Berkowitz, 2011). For theseparticular reasons the health organization has to find new strategiesso as to market them with the aim to demands that come with theactive market.

Withinthe advertising of healthcare, there are several regulations andrules of ethics that have to be adhered to. Some of these rules ofadvertising in healthcare include the creation of statements that aremisleading or false both in verbal or visual (Reviews, 2013). Anotherrule that is emphasized is the pointing out of prices that are highlyexaggerated or misleading. There should be no testimonies that don’techo the true and exact view of the individuals involved (Haimowitz,2011). Pictures that may be offensive to the decency of the publicshould not be included in the advertising for this will affect howconsumers will relate with the health care organization (Kotler,Shalowitz, &amp Stevens, 2011). Suggestions or statements made in anoffensive manner will result to consumers opting to go to otherhealth care institutions where they’ll be assured of betterservices.

Honestyin the advertising of healthcare organizations is a rule that ismostly maintained as this department deals with the health of thecommunity, any advertising production made out of false informationthat may lead to fatal results where a patient may be led to believeon certain expectations which were based on exaggerations(Fortenberry, 2011). Additionally healthcare advertising has to bepresented to the consumers with the assurance of better and efficientresults that come with effective services.


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