Hospitality Business Industry

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HospitalityBusiness Industry

IntentAnd Goals

Oneof the industries that have ever been my interest since childhood isthe hospitality docket. Having been brought in a family that wasalready established in the hospitality sector, I in turn develop theinterest to become an expert in the same industry. My interest in thehospitality industry aimed at helping the people in need of myservices. I choose this major because I love helping people with myknowledge and skills. I like to utilize my talents and learnedexpertise to be of service to the society. Qualifying in my majorwould equip me relevantly and the much needed with skills to helppeople, and this would in turn offer personal satisfaction. My familyoperates a business in the hospitality industry as well, where Icould put what I learn into practice.

Mygoal is to complete my studies within the stipulated two years’time and gain all the skills required for a successful careerdevelopment in the hospitality business industry. It has been mydream to one day work in one of the reputable hospitality companiesafter my graduation. This would help me in applying the skills andknowledge learned into practical use, which would in turn help inacquiring the relevant experience to work in any hospitality sector.It also remained my focus to rise through the ranks within thecompany in a managerial position and achieve the highest bestposition, in the next 3-5 years after employment with a renownedhospitality company. The administrative position presents an excitingopportunity for me to apply real leadership styles for the benefit ofthe customers and my employees.

WorkExperience(S) In Hospitality Business

Myexperience in the hospitality industry is from my mothers’restaurant. During the summer, I worked in the restaurant where Iassisted in the day to day operations. The following were some of myresponsibilities. To start with, I took orders from customers,assisting them in the process by explaining the menu and availabledishes. I then took the order to the kitchen where the food gotprepared and later served it to the guests. I also planned foroutside catering services to people holding parties, festivals, andweddings. Sometimes I contacted the suppliers for various productsneeded in the restaurant.

InvolvementIn Service Activities&nbsp

Duringvacations and holidays, it has been my focus to gain experience byworking in hospitality related business. During the 2013 winterbreak, I volunteered in a probate water environmental project. Theprimary objective of the project was to reduce land-based waterpollution in rivers and other water bodies. We guided the variousstakeholders on how to conserve water and prevent pollution. Forinstance, we visited mechanics and garages near water bodies andeducated them on how to wash their engines in a way that the oilcould get into the storm water drainage system.

Additionally,I have as well participated in service delivery in a probate,environmental project during the summer. The project aim was workingtowards the conservation of endangered animal and plant species inthe environment and ensuring the preservation of the environment. Theproject involved the collection and analysis of data on variousenvironmental conservatory efforts. The project`s efforts centered onusing environmentally friendly substances and reforestation. We alsoworked as a team to educate different communities on the importanceof the environment and how to conserve it to prevent furtherpollution.

Insummary, my interest in the hospitality industry dates back since Iwas a young child. Growing up in close to my mother’s restaurantbusiness. With the client satisfaction being a driving force for me,my main focus remains to always provide the best through improvementof hospitality services. With such driving force, it was in turn aneasy option when it came to making the choice for my major. It hasremained my dream to learn more and more about the hospitalityindustry so as to keep improving and acquiring the best and necessaryknowledge, skills, to remain competitive within the hospitalityindustry. This would in turn help me in realizing a successful careerin the industry.