Hotel Management `Being Green`

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HotelManagement: ‘Being Green’

Inthe modern business world, much has been emphasized with regard tothe environment preservation. This has in turn led to the adoptionand implementation of recycling programs by the hotel management.Much has been having been pointed out for an organization to help inthe preservation of the environment through the adoption of therecycling programs. However, despite the need for recycling programs,there are different factors that determine which program a businessestablishment adopts. The term ‘Green Hotel’ is commonly used inthe recent times, which is used to refer to hotel establishment thathas adopted environmentally friendly programs and practices to savewater and energy while at the same time reducing solid waste(Campbell, 52). The main focus behind the adoption of green move inhotels is to minimize their impact on the environment.

Differentfactors determine the adoption of such a program. According to me, ahotel manager one of the major factor to consider is the financialimpact of the program (the cost of installation). The adoption of theprogram shouldn’t financially drain the hotel business, but insteadshould be a program that is cost effective. Secondly, another factoris what the existing problem at the hotel. If the problem affectingthe hotel can be reversed through the adoption of a recyclingprogram, it would be effective to take an initiative. Another factorthat would be considered includes legal compliance withenvironmental laws, the social responsibility functionality of thehotel, and economic advantage.

Whenthe issue of ‘Being Green’ becomes part of the hotel or naybusiness management, the key issue that comes to mind is the balancebetween the environments governing laws, and the business and thebusiness performance financially. The route towards green programsdespite being of much benefit to both the environment and the hotelbusiness, it’s a bumpy road before achieving the best. According tome, the environmental laws should be flexible with reference to thesize of the hotel/business entity. This is due to the fact that,different hotels/business establishments have varying financialcapability to implement environmental laws, and in turn it should beallowed to balance its financial performance with the recyclingprograms adopted..


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