Human, Community, and Public Relations

Human,Community, and Public Relations


Human,Community, and Public Relations

Withthe inception of the different terms with the modern world referringto the different types of relations, different terms have been coinedsuch as human relations, public relations, and community relations.At the first glance of the three terms, they appear to be the samehowever, there is a difference in terms of their meaning. This essayaddresses the differences between the three relations.

PublicRelations (PR) is a practice that explains the relations between anindividual and an organization or business. It entails the aspects ofintroducing the public to exhibit an understanding for as well asgood will towards an institution, firm or a person (Dilenschneider,2010). The key aspects with reference to the public relations addresshow an institution relations to the outside world.

Secondly,there is the Human Relations. This is the discipline within themanagement sector that addresses the aspects of interpersonalbehaviors. This type of relation explains the relation betweenindividuals and focuses on building effective communication, teambuilding, as well as leadership abilities (Knowles, 1958). In anutshell, just as it`s mentioned,’ human’ human relations is therelations among people i.e. the professional context among how peopleare treated.

Finally,there is Community Relations. This is the social outreach initiativesestablished by institutions or corporations towards the building ofrelations and credibility not forgetting to foster an understandingof an institution`s responsibility an institution has to its localcommunity and the neighbors at large (Ajith, 2014). Despite the closerelation between the three forms of relations, each of the terms hasits definite meaning, and reference towards the relations exhibitedby individuals, corporations, businesses or institutions.


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