Human Occupation Nature


HumanOccupation Nature

Humanoccupation nature is not necessarily progressive when it comes to theultimate good of the human species. Also, it might result in lessdesirable traits for well-being and health. Occupational technology,for instance, has the potential of destroying the species and theearth environment. The reason for this is because people are selfishthus commit to their goals by engaging in an occupation with purpose.Marxism was of the opinion that pressing forward in culturalevolution ought to progress so that human nature can be enhanced.

Humannature can either be good or evil depending on the surrounding factsfor instance when there is plenty to share human beings showcooperation however scarcity leads to competition that in returnbrings out the ugliest aspect of the human nature. This does notmean that competition is evil rather an ultimate goal of all behaviorexpressed by human beings is well being. Well, being is described bya distinct set of elements for instance if self-defense requires oneto be violent the well-being ultimate goal is self-defense. However,if violence is discouraged and peaceful dealing expressed to be theideal dominance, then violence is undermined (Sinha, 2011). All inall, human progress is a matter of facts and not opinions as Marxismwould have us believe. Human nature is that which seeks to promotewell-being.

Onthe other hand, cultural evolution can influence the physicalevolution when the society we have today affects the species oftomorrow leading to progressive approach will result to better humannature. The occupation nature of humans, in this case, is progressivein term of species ultimate good thus leading to desirable outcomesof well-being (Sinha, 2011).


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