Human Resource Management Chapter 6

HumanResource Management

Chapter6:1) Explain how you would conduct a job analysis in a companythat has never had job descriptions.

Jobanalysis should be carried out by following up on the employee’sduties, the time taken to complete each role, checking on theemployee when doing his or her work, asking questions the employee,managers and other people who work within the company should be assed(Rao&amp Teegen, 2006).Employees in a company which does not have job description should begiven a questionnaire to fill so as to gain insight to their jobs.This can be done even to those organizations that do not havedistinct jobs. The main expectation of job analysis is to understandthe roles of different employees in the company and be able outlinethe relevance of each employee. For many employees who do the samejob, analysis should be done by each employing individually and latergetting all the feedback from them.

Finally,after gathering all the data from employees and all company members,a review of the findings should be done to gain insight on the joband its relevance within the company. These reviews can be used todecide whether to recruit other employees or to fire if they are inexcess.

Chapter7:1) Discuss at least two ways in which a bank couldeffectively use the Internet to recruit management trainees.Onlinerecruitment may be done through the bank’s website. Severalorganizations offer a career section in their website where the bankcan indicate when there is a job opening so that applicants canforward their application. The applications can be accepted until achoice has been made. Application deadlines should be well stated sothat applicants do not fail the time allocated. Applicants’ resumesmay be stored so that they can be used in the future when there isanother job opening.

Secondly,there are many social media platforms that banks can use to recruitfor example, LinkedIn and Facebook. Many potential employees areusing these sites to market their skills which make it easier topoint use job seekers who are qualified for the job. Industry localesregularly have databases of resumes and direct chatting that canencourage direct electronic contact with the job seeker.

2)Discuss at least two ways in which human resources can increaserecruiting effectiveness.Applyingthe most effective ways

Acomplete recruitment process should be founded on a full inspectionof the learning, skills, and capacities required for the position,and additionally organizational and social fit. By checking therecruitment needs of an organization, it will be more likely to getthe right candidate for the position advertised.

Forinstance, if the organization needs to figure out if a candidate`sstyle or identity fits the position, it is best to direct anappraisal by asking distinct questions in the interview. If otherqualities of the candidate ought to be assessed, for example,leadership skills and critical thinking capabilities, appraisals canbe utilized to assess those features. By concentrating on selectionstrategies that fit the position, the organization can enhance itsrecruitment success and efficiency.

Knoweach candidate well

Ensurethat every communication between the candidate and the organizationis good. Always communicate to the candidate regarding theirapplication status and the outcome of the recruitment. It isbeneficial to follow on all candidates, even those who were notselected can be important to the other applicants who are yet toapply.

Chapter8:1) How would you do a complete background investigation onapplicants to minimize concerns about negligent hiring?

Negligenthiring is common if caution is not taken. It will be minimal if thesteps below are followed immediately after conducting a job interviewon the probable candidate.

Ensurethat you stick to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.This can be done by another body so as to bring to light thebackground of an applicant when the consent is given by theapplicant. Pay detail attention to the jobs held in the past by theapplicant. This includes all the promotions and salaries given to thecandidate in the past.

Makesure that you have all the documents of the applicant. This isparticularly beneficial in technical positions. There should belicense and professional documents required to practice.Carryout a thorough examination of public registers, for example, criminalrecords and the rest according to the position to be filled.



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