Imago Dei Concept


ImagoDei Concept

ImagoDei Concept

ImagoDei is the theological concept of the “The Image of God.” Theconcept is used by human beings uniquely as a symbol of therelationship between God and man. Rooted from the biblical narrationof God created man in His own image, the concept creates a basis ofestablishing how man is related to God (Kliewer&amp Saultz,2006).From the Christian perspective the concept gives the Christians thesymbolic representation of God, especially when praying. Christiansget the image to refer to when creating the representation of thepresence of God, especially when praying.

TheImago Dei is relevant in the unique approach in health care,especially in relation to the role of God in healing. The conceptfinds its way to the health sector and practice, because of thebelief that God is the ultimate healer (Kliewer&amp Saultz,2006).Therefore, if healing comes from God, the Imago Dei conceptrepresents the source of the healing. Therefore, the concept gives arelevant view of God, who represents the image that men were createdfrom.

TheImago Dei concept is important because it gives the representationthat affirms man was created from the image of God. The concept isimportant because it brings relevance of the healing ability of godin health care by presenting the source of healing. In the Christianconcept, the people offer prayers to God for healing, and thus use arepresentation to symbolize the presence of God. The concept alsogives health care professionals the symbol of god, as every patientis as important as other people who are all created in the image ofGod (Kliewer&amp Saultz,2006).The concept is therefore important in communicating a message thatall people are equally important and valuable as they arerepresentations of God.


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