Immigration in the United States

Immigrationin the United States

Immigrationin America

Thefollowing is a poem that focuses on the history of America. The twovoice poem presents information on an important matter in the historyof America, which is immigration.

Oohmy beloved America, Ooh, our promised land,

Herethey are, coming to fiddle, Here we are with moshes and torn robes,

Withan evil intent to retch and fetch, we have come not to poke,

Withan overwhelming tales of ship and wretches, neither have we, thesledges of topple,

Flockingour streets with filthy fledges, we low your town and it’s posh,

Makingus loose our fame and lavish hedges, strange ledges, wepassed along with hopes

TheseJews and Slavic, from nations beyond we had toddled,

Whoare nothing but slaves, Braving the buzzing winds and roars of toads,

Comingto undermine our states, in our hands, are tons of tools,

Andto undo our sates, only to be loathed like a rabid poodle,

Thegovernment should act, we appeal for few corns, and even fewerscorns,

Eventhrough the toughest of acts, we have none, the threat of red scare,

Beforeour nation is taken to a sap, spare our tired souls from scourge,

Andbefore our fellows are racked, cage in your kooks,

Oohmy beloved Harding, Harding, l come that far pray your mercy,

Thismenace is getting hard on my head, and to cherish you’re merry,

Sparenot this entire heard, I bring with me no maladies,

Towhich end is your hush, this jingoism could be a menace,

Orwe would make a hash, for our strengths are multiplied in a merger,

Oohmy beloved land Ooh my promised land


King,D. (2000).Making Americans: Immigration, race, and the origins of the diversedemocracy.Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press