In-N-Out Burger Corse




In-N-OutBurger is a fast food restaurant which is well known within theAmerican Southwest. Being in the fast food business in America,In-N-Out Burger ensures that it provides efficient services so as toremain on top of the competition from other fast food restaurant. Onekey way In-N-Out has been able to provide easy access to itscustomers with how most of its branches are situated on streetcorners.


Onecan say that In-N-Out restaurants have managed to offer betterresults beyond the expectations of its customers. This has been madepossible not only by their strategic position in different locationsthey have also proved that they provide fresh and better products inthe meals they serve. This has truly earned their customers trust andby this they add the number of customers coming in to receive theirservices.


In-N-Outshould not adopt a high growth strategy for they already have beenable to be on top of the chain when it comes to fast foodcompetition. A high growth will mean that they will have to raise thevalue and cost of their products, this in one way may end upresulting in the loss of some of their clients who might not managethe new costs that will arise. If it’s about the growth of In-N-Outthey should only add more of their products and offer friendly coststhat will maintain and even add more customer.


Moreburger chains will require them to search for strategic positionswhich might not have already been occupied by other competitive fastfood restaurants basically it won’t be easy to add more foodchains though it would be great if other food chains add up, this waymore customers will gain easy access to their favorite In-N-Outrestaurant.