Infinity Brand Analysis

InfinityBrand Analysis


Infinitiis Nissan’s luxury car division, established in 1989 to compete onthe United States high-grade automobile in the market such as BMW,Audi, Lexus, and Acura. Infiniti was able to create a global networkwithin a short period (CarBrand Names. Com 1).The brand was launched in 1990and it purpose at that time was tocreate a premium automobile for Americans that would not haveotherwise fit in with Nissan’s more mainstream image. Infinitibegan with only two automobiles, the M30 Coupe and Q45 sedan(Infiniti1).The G20 convertible was introduced a few years later. Soon after,Infiniti gradually added more automobiles to its pipeline. The Q45luxury sport sedan that offered cutting edge technology that caughtthe attention of many Americans. By 2000, Infiniti had rolled out theQX4, a utility service vehicle based on the Pathfinder (Infiniti1).

Afterexperiencing poor sale in the early years of operations mainly causedby poor marketing and insufficiently developed models, Infiniti hadto develop ingenious methods to make its brand competitive in amarket controlled by large automobile firms with well-knownautomobiles (Infiniti1).Instead of ceasing production, Infiniti channeled its focus indeveloping new automobiles that ultimately ensured the brand’ssurvival. The marquee was introduced in the year 2003, and soon afterthe G37, a revolutionary model that was farther from anything theInfiniti had made (Infiniti1).

Atthe moment, the brand is making its way through the clouded Europeanmarket. Since the Infiniti brand was introduced into the market, thebrand has significantly grown. Currently, there are more than 230dealers in 15 countries (Infiniti1).Its global presence and growth have also been exponential, havingstretched from Ukraine to Taiwan and from Russia to Mexico. Justlike all other Japanese auto makers, Infiniti stresses the importanceof technological improvements. Today, Infiniti’s fleet of vehicleshas expanded to include the G (coupe, sedan and convertible), FX, Msedan, JX crossover SUV, EX and large QX SUV (Infiniti1).Although Infiniti has faced stiff competition from other largeautomobile brands in the market, the powerful Infiniti brands hasbeen a key asset to the success of infiniti automobiles in themarket.


Thename for the brand was picked in 1987. The logo featuring two centrallines that lead to infinite horizon was introduced in the same year.The Infiniti logo epitomizes the unique approach established by thenew brand that was based on performance, luxury and aspiring newedges and horizons in the automobile industry (CarBrand Names. Com 1). TheInfiniti logo is based on the ancient infinite sign that is widelyknown in all parts of the globe. Designers in the company opted touse the infinite sign as a base for the car badge since it mirroredthe inner spirit of every automobile manufactured by the companyunder the Infiniti name (Car BrandNames. Com 1).

Source:CarBrand Names. ComLogoDescriptionInfinitilogo is based on a lemniscate that is believed to have emerged at thestart of human civilization.The term lemniscate is connected to theshape of the infinite sign (CarBrand Names. Com 1).Source:CarBrand Names. ComItwas first introduced to the world by the Swiss mathematiciansBernoulli Jacob. Initially, the sign was used by mathematicians toshow mathematical infinity. The number 8 that lies on the side of theinfinity sign brings in physical depiction of infinity (CarBrand Names. Com 1).Shapeof the Infiniti SymbolTheshape of the Infiniti logo is a stylized number 8. It is an antiquesign believed to have appeared at the beginning of humancivilization. It is embedded into a silver oval on the vehicles,making it appear both modern and stylish. It signifies the eleganceof every detail along with great performance, luxury and thecontinuous search for a new horizon in the vehicle industry (CarBrand Names. Com 1).Colorof the Infiniti EmblemThecolor of the infinite logo is metallic silver. This looks verygraceful and great on the body of automobiles, adding style andelegance to the luxury SUVs. The color of the logo has remained thesame since the Infiniti brand was introduced in the market. It isquite simple and is meant to signifies the spirit of the Infinitibrand (Infiniti1).Source:CarBrand Names. ComTheInfiniti slogan is &quotaccelerating the future&quot andexemplifies what the brand logo is meant to signal to the world andcustomers. The slogan signifies that the future is limitless, andthe Infiniti brands strive to make its customers have a feel of thefuture by using postmodern technology (Infiniti1).StoredesignInthe recent past, Infiniti has requested its dealers to re-modifystores so that they reflect the spirit and mission of the brand. Inthis light, most of the stores have the logo and slogan of the brandconspicuously embalmed on strategic places (Kachadourian 1). The newdesign leads the customers to sales lounge where the Infinitiautomobiles are the revealed. This has played out well in the eyeswho are able to link the stores with the brand of their choice. Thephotograph below shows DanielRicciardo launching a store in London. Source:Deighton2015Infinitihas also sought the services of famous celebrities such as Red BullRacing driver Daniel Ricciardo to launch new stores in differentcities (Deighton1).ProductplacementInfinitihas embedded its models and inspirational slogan into sometournament. Infinitive top management has also recently renewed thecontract with Comedy Central, where the brand will sponsor an onlineinteractive voting application that gives viewers an chance to picktheir favorite moments of the show (Stanley1).Such strategies are meant to ensure a close contact between the firmand the shoppers. Infinite has also increased it commitment tobranded entertainment, which get the brand into venues where thesalespersons can show the value of the brand and community to ademographic that is attracted to the brand (Stanley1).WorkCitedCarBrand Names. Com. InfinitiLogo.2015. Available at,Katie.In pictures: Infinitienlists Daniel Ricciardo for store launches.Event Magazine. 2015. Available at 2015. Available at,Gail. Infinitipushes new store design.Automotive News. 2005. Available at,T.L. InfinitiRevs Placements.2009. Available at