Infinity Product Design

Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of the Nissan Motor Company,a multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Yokohama,Japan. Infiniti officially started selling vehicles in North Americain 1989. The marketing network for Infiniti-branded vehicles nowincludes at least 230 dealers in over 15 countries across the globe[CITATION Inf15 l 2057 ].The brand has over the years been a huge successnot only because of its value and accessibility but also because ofthe company’s technological innovations and lively distinctivedesigns.

The global luxury car market is very competitiveand as such, being a new entrant into the market, Infiniti hasadopted a creative and innovative marketing strategy to create brandawareness and enhance its global market share. To achieve this, thedivision targets regions that are characterized by a high demand forautomobiles such as China and the US.

Infinity sells luxury cars with Japanese cuttingedge designs which differentiate them with other brands in the globalluxury car industry[CITATION Nis11 p 12 l 2057 ].Its marketing team differentiates its products interms of core, actual, and augmented features. Core features arefounded on the benefits derived by customers when they consume thecompany’s products. The brands core features include the cardesigns, technology and driving satisfaction, which the marketingteam refers to as “Inspired Performance”. The actual featuresentail the additional benefits enjoyed by customers which go beyondthe essential features. These features are evident in Infiniti’swide range of luxury cars such as the Infiniti FX Vettel. Finally,the augmented features include elements such as warranties, deliveryand servicing arrangements. Augmented features help the company toproduce tailor made car for different target markets.

When it comes to pricing, Infiniti’s marketingstrategy reflects the fact that it is a premium brand because it isassociated with Formula One World Champion teams and drivers.Moreover, the distribution outlets for Infiniti cars are consistentwith the brand’s promise of ‘Inspired Performance’ as evidencedby the striking architecture, state-of-the-art technology, welcomingenvironment and high quality customer service. Other than that thedivision leverages above the line and below the line promotion toenhance brand awareness. Above the line promotion entails channelssuch as print advertisements, in newspapers and magazines,billboards, radio, television, cinema advertising, and onlineadvertising. Below the line advertising on the other hand includepublic relations, sponsorships, hospitality and merchandising.

Infiniti’s success can be attributed partly tothe fact that it opted to target specific regions and localize itsmarketing strategy as opposed to blanketing the entire global marketsimultaneously[CITATION Nis13 p 2 l 2057 ].When Nissan ventured into North America, itwas not simply redirecting its already established automotivemarketing efforts to the US. By localizing, the company was in aposition to produce tailor made brands to meet the tastes andpreferences of the US market[ CITATION Inf15 l 2057 ].

In an effort to exploit the US market, thedivision created a very unique way of expressing its values in the USto address its local clientele. To this end, the company localizedmost of the division’s management team, which constituted renownedpersonalities in the automotive industry who understood the marketand consumer tastes and preferences.

Even though localization is a critical part ofInfiniti’s global marketing success, the company also appreciatesthe importance of having a consistent tone across the entire globalbrand. As such, the division has recently contracted a globaladvertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, which is responsiblefor all its key global markets, including the United States, Asia andEurope. Assigning the responsibility of managing the global market tosingle team helps to ensure that the company’s various regionalcampaigns all revolve around the same core values and voice.

In 2011, Infiniti entered into a strategicalliance with Red Bull and became the official sponsor of Red Bull’sFormula 1 racing team[CITATION The13 p 1 l 2057 ].Two years down the line, they extendedtheir deal, making Infiniti a title partner thereby extending itsinvolvement to the technological side of the team in addition tobeing its official sponsor. The benefits of this strategic allianceto Infiniti’s global marketing efforts are twofold. First, the RedBull brand already has a solid global reputation therefore Infiniti’sassociation with the brand helps it to reach a new audience of RedBull’s loyal customer base. Secondly, becoming a major financialand technological player in the world of Formula 1 racing givesInfiniti a whole new level of respect among automotive and racingenthusiasts.

The fact that Infiniti appreciates the culturalcontext of its clientele is also evidenced by the level of detail inwebsite translation. Its international sites offer a “global”experience by targeting each region not only in its own language, butalso with an awareness of cultural differences. Unlike othercompanies, each country’s page is a unique site with contenttailored to each specific culture and region. On the bottom line, theInfiniti brand’s huge success can be attributed to both its valueand accessibility and the company’s technological innovations andlively distinctive designs.

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