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KingArthur the Legend

Thelegendary King Arthur’s story dates back to the 5thCentury in medieval Britain when he allegedly led the British army tosuccessful invasions in Europe. Although modern historians disputethis story, it remains popular globally. While some believe Arthuroriginated from the Roman army as a commander in the military, mostwriters place his origin in England.

Amongthe most successful and popular battles under his command is thevictory over the invasion by the Saxon forces during the 5thand 6thcenturies A.D. one of the most popular writers who supports thereality of the existence of Arthur as a famous warrior of his time,is Geoffrey of Monmouth. His text served as the main source ofinformation with the most accurate and reliable account of events.Other texts are confusing and mixed up in detail. The themes,characters, and chronology of events vary in other texts (Dane 3).

Themost exciting and striking element in Arthurs reign are the battleshe overcame against superstitious and supernatural enemies withvarious tricks. One such persistently stubborn enemy within was hishalf-sister named Morgan le Fay who coveted the throne and usedvarious magical tricks to achieve it. Arthur relied on the magicalsword he obtained by theLady of the laketo overcome all the evils against him. So successful were Arthurs’exploits that he established a strong empire that extended toIceland, Ireland, and Norway (Dane 2).

Setin Camelot, which was also his base, the story involves QueenGuinevere, Arthur’s beautiful wife whose tales of love and romancemakes the story more captivating. When the coveted peace had finallysettled and the soldiers seemed to rest from war, another round of abrutal and bloody war broke out within the court of Camelot thatforced him to flee on a boat bleeding heavily. On the isle of Avalon,his deadly wounds got the attention of three mysterious maidens.However, his return to save Camelot with his loyal champions andknights faded into the hopes and wishes of the dwellers in Camelot.


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