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Vivo Energy Ghana 15

Task 1

Question A

Vivo Energy refers to the organization behind African shell brand.Vitol, Helios Investment Partners as well as Shell are the jointowners of Vivo Energy. The company is involved in the sourcing,distributing, marketing in addition to supplying shell’sexceptional lubricants and fuels to clients. It boasts of anestablished and expanding presence in sixteen nations all overAfrica. Among these countries is Ghana. Shell brand has been presentin Ghana from 1928. Currently, Vivo Energy Ghana is the main supplierfor the nation’s shell products to consumers. There are 128 servicestations all over Ghana, which are shell-branded (Vivo Energy2014: 36). Licensed under Shell, the company serves other majororganizations in Ghana in different industries. These industriesinclude transportation, mining, forestry, aviation, construction,power generation and manufacturing industries. Vivo Energy Ghana usesa “performance-driven operating culture” (Vivo Energy Ghanan.d: 1). The culture drives the company to concentrate on the mainissues as well as abridge procedures when possible. It is thephilosophy that determines how personnel work and strengthens what isdone.

The culture of an organization influences the function of internalcommunication within the organization. The culture refers to thevalues that are silently shared by the individuals within anorganization. It is very crucial that every organization has aworking culture, because the culture reflects how the members of theorganization perform their duties. Importantly linked toorganizational culture is internal communication. Internalcommunication acts as the key to ensuring every business issuccessful. This type of communication ought to facilitate a two waymovement of information. Organizations must provide their employeeswith good information that assists in completing their jobseffectively. Effective communication is crucial in influencing howemployees work, which is determined by the organization culture. Thismeans that it is through the culture, that a method of internalcommunication is created, which in turn influences how business isdone.

Question B

There are different methods of internal communication. In the case ofVivo Energy Ghana, one of the methods used is direct communication.The organization allows free relations, communication as well asimproved relationships amid top level management and the workforce.Bearing in mind that the culture is performance-driven, directcommunication enhances efficiency within the organization resultingin enhanced productivity. The culture ensures that every employeerealizes that they must perform, thus the organization encourages itsworkers to come up with new ideas, which they can communicate to themanagers. The organization offers its workers “a vibrant workingenvironment where opinion is valued and the necessary resourcesprovided to help produce great results (Vivo Energy 2014:30).” Owing to direct communication, the working culture is onethat is growth-driven. People are free to come up with creativeideas, which they can directly share with top managers. Thus, theperformance-driven culture has influenced the advancement of internalcommunication methods, like direct communication that encouragespersonnel to be creative in turn enhancing their performance.

Resource allocation is a procedure and strategy that involves anorganization deciding where to use scarce resources in the making ofproducts and services. It is ordinary for organizations to allocateresources towards enhancing internal and external marketing. Toefficiently develop as well as implement marketing strategies thatimprove the work of the organization, it is necessary to allocate aswell as secure the needed human, monetary, technical as well asinstitutional resources. Internal marketing involves the continuousprocedure that happens strictly in the organization, where thefunctional procedure entails aligning, motivating and empoweringpersonnel at the different management levels to constantly deliver asatisfying customer experience. At Vivo Energy Ghana, the allocationof resources for internal marketing is achieved through the creationof a vibrant working environment where every employee’s opinion isvalued and the important resources provided to assist in theproduction of great results.

Question C

The organization has great performing leaders who support employeesvia coaching, which makes it possible to grow. There are numerouslearning as well as growth opportunities. At Vivo Energy Ghana, anemployee has the opportunity to work with individuals from differentcultural backgrounds that add vibrant ideas as well as experiences todaily working. In addition, the organization offers competitivereward as well as recognition for contributions made viaperformance-related bonuses (Vivo Energy Ghana n.d: 1).Resource allocation for external marketing largely happens throughbrand awareness. The organization allocates funds that are used inadvertisements to make the shell products popular all over thecountry. By advertising the product, they attract more customers topurchase the brand. Another strategy is the allocation of resourcestowards charitable works. The organization is engage in actions thatdemonstrate corporate social responsibility (Vivo Energy Ghanan.d: 1). By allocating resources to help in the development ofsociety, the company indirectly draws people to buy its products.This is because consumers are more likely to do business withorganizations that demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Question D

How Vivo Energy Ghana can assess its internal communicationseffectiveness:

  • Monitor engagement levels among personnel

  • Look out for indicators of strong collaboration

  • Use baseline and functional measurement approaches

  • Concentrating on the general success of the organization (Ruck 2015: 101-102)

Task 2

Question A

The organization is involved in the sale and promotion of Shellproducts. It acts as the distributor as well as marketer of Shellbranded products, to businesses and motorists. The organization sellsand distributes shell products that meet world-class status, byacting as the perfect formulations for vehicles (Vivo Energy Ghana2015: 1). The organization progresses to lead Ghana’s fuel marketdue to the provision of unquestionable leadership in providingdifferentiated fuel goods like shell v-power, diesel extra and superextra having fuel economy advantages, which provide clients with freeextra kilometers. The fuels undergo habitual tests to ensure theymeet quality as well as quantity demands. Vivo Energy Ghana providesthe best shell lubricants to vehicles that use either petrol ordiesel in form of shell helix and rimula (Vivo Energy Ghana2015: 1).

In numerous ways, shell branded products sold by the organizationcontribute to the delivery of customer value. By ensuring that theshell branded products undergoes habitual tests to ensure they are ofgood quantity and quality, the company guarantees that clients getvalue for money invested in buying shell products (Vivo EnergyGhana 2015: 1). The diesel extra oil product comprises of adistinctive formulation, which ensures that heavy duty vehicles areable to cover extra kilometers for free. The product employs extratechnology formulated to enhance engine effectiveness for thecustomers through avoiding the accumulation of deposits in theirvehicle’s injector nozzles (Vivo Energy Ghana 2015: 1). Inaddition, the product acts as a corrosion inhibitor through theformation of a protective layer on engine parts. This ensures that ascustomers buy the product, they do not spend on buying fuel, ratherthey buy products that ensure the wellbeing of their vehicles isensured and maintained (Vivo Energy Ghana 2015: 1). It isapparent that shell products are made to cater for a diverse range ofcustomer needs. The organization ensures that in addition to makingits products, they provide extra benefits for the clients.

Question B

The creative brief regards to a planning tool, which is employed byadvertising organizations as well as marketing personnel in thedevising or implementation of a marketing program (Cohen and Kelly2015: 1). The creative plan can be employed when developingcommunications that target customers, workers, possible investors,media, shareholders and different target organizations. It acts asthe cooperative tool via which the several individuals andassociations concerned over a project concentrate their thoughts onassessment of the perfect process to use in approaching a program.Effective use of the creative brief results in a reduction in time aswell as cost linked to marketing projects (Cohen and Kelly 2015: 1).In developing a creative brief for Viva Energy Ghana, several stepsare followed.

The first step involves coming up with an objective. It defines whatto accomplish through the program (Cohen and Kelly 2015: 1). It couldbe the objective of spreading awareness on a new product. To enhancecustomer value, the program should clearly state how a new productwill benefit consumers. The objective must be specific as well astime-based. Next is determination of the main audience, meaning thetarget of the campaign (Cohen and Kelly 2015: 1). This includesidentifying the names of target audiences, their demographics amongother audience related factors. An important issue involves how thenew brand suits the target audience, which works to reinforcecustomer value. It is also important to clearly state the brandattributes. The attributes refer to how the brand meets theexpectations of target audiences. Some issues to consider are theinterests of customers, and how a product meets these interests. Nextis determining the current behavior of the audience. This involvesdetermining what the audience is engaged in and what they would liketo do differently (Cohen and Kelly 2015: 1).

Question C

In developing new products and services, Vivo Energy Ghana largelydepends on the expertise of its personnel. The development of newproducts as well as services involves investing in hiring, trainingand encouraging the best talent. The organization realizes thesignificance of having a workforce that shares and understands theirvision. The vision involves the creation of a respected business allover Africa. The employees are expected to demonstrate initiative,make decisions and seek manners of improving things (Vivo EnergyGhana n.d: 1). By hiring a competent workforce, the employees areencouraged to come up with new and creative ideas, which will resultin the growth of the organization. It is through these new ideas thatnew products are developed.

Once the ideas have been developed, they are passed on to scientiststhat work on ensuring their ideas become actualized into new productsand services. The organization has employed thousands of scientists.The scientists are situated in the different laboratories, where theyconduct tests on new products. In addition, the scientists explorenew ideas through widespread road testing, to create shell’s globalleading selection of products and ensure that they are available toclients (Vivo Energy 2014: 8). Notably, the organization worksclosely with Shell. As a result, it becomes possible to access thenewest technological developments in lubricants and fuels and applythem to their products (Vivo Energy 2014: 8). In addition, thecompany works with a highly dedicated mining team who are able toidentify regions that can act as new sources for shell fuels andlubricants (Vivo Energy 2014: 19).

Question D

The method of brand building endeavors to enhance customer loyalty,while at the same time attaining competitive differentiation. Bydepending on a team of skilled and intelligent employees to generatenew ideas, the company manages to stay ahead of competitors. Itdifferentiates itself from other companies by creating products thathave been arrived at following much thought to ensure that theydeliver value to customers. The technical knowhow of mining as wellas connected services implies that the organization is in a positionto deliver value, not merely via its world-class products, but via anarray of exceptional value-adding services.

The close working correlation with shell, as noted in question C,makes it possible for the organization to have access to currenttechnology advances. As a result, the products developed are ofworld-class status. This acts as a major market differentiator fromother companies. Vivo operates in a market that is filled withquality and supply challenges. Hence, customers seek organization’swhose quality and supply is dependable. By working closely withscientists during product development, the organization createsproducts that meet and surpass the many consumer needs. These includeenhanced engine performance and minimal consumption of fuel. As aresult, customers are able to enjoy extra protection of their enginesfor free.

Task 3

Question A

Marketing communication objectives refers to long-standingobjectives where marketing campaigns are created with the objectiveof increasing brand value (Egan 2007: 107). They differ from salespromotions in that promotions are temporary inducements to purchaseproducts. Communication objectives become triumphant when anorganization convinces clients via constant reinforcement that thebrand comprises of benefits needed by the target customers (Smith andTaylor 2004: 44). Vivo can apply various communications objectives.

These include changing attitudes – It is important for anorganization to change the already established attitudes in themarkets that it operates. At times misconceptions could developwithin the market concerning the company, goods or services offered(Kokemuller 2015). Such misconceptions need to be addressed as soonas they emerge. In other instances, competitors may promote negativepublicity about a company. This applies to organizations that operatein highly competitive markets such as Vivo. In a market where qualityis crucial to customer loyalty, competitors may employ differentapproaches in making their brand more recognized. An organizationshould not merely assume that a popular brand resonates to goodconsumer attitudes.

Influencing purchase intent – it is recommended that theorganization continues to motivate its customers to purchaseproducts. Influencing the intention to purchase involves insisting onthe superior advantages of a product to the user. This should be donewith consideration that the benefits offered by the products orservices surpass those of competitors. It is necessary to strikeinterest in customers so that they become triggered to buy theorganization’s products (Kokemuller 2015).

Encourage trial purchase – the communications objective works whenintroducing a new product in the market. Since the product has notbeen tested by consumers, they are likely to depict reluctance inusing it. Trial purchase is an effective way of encouraging targetconsumers to trial out a new product without paying for it(Kokemuller 2015). Once, they have used the product and are sure ofits effectiveness, it becomes possible for the customer to purchasethe new product. Free trials encourage repeat purchase. It is amethod of convincing clients to try out a product, while at the sametime aiming at building customer loyalty. Free trials eliminate therisk associated with new products.

Encourage brand switching – the objective involves gettingconsumers that buy from competitors to begin buying from theorganization (Kokemuller 2015). It works in the same way as freetrials. These customers already have a developed brand loyalty in thecompetitor’s products. Thus requiring them to shift from theircompetitor to the organization means that they need to be convincedyour products are better. The pro of this recommendation is, clientsare already using the similar product but from a different companyhence, they only need persuasion.

There are a number of communication tools that can be utilized inimproving the image and reputation of Vivo. Communication toolsassist and organization to effectively and timely communicate withpersonnel and customers. Employing the suitable mishmash ofcommunication tools enables and efficient internal procedure.

A client management platform – the communication tool issuperlative in the maintenance of orders as well as records in alarge organization like Vivo. Owing to the continuous development oftechnology, more shoppers are choosing to make purchases online orvia electronic systems. Such a system makes it possible to record andrespond to orders made by customers. Because the platform keeps allimportant data, including contact information, it makes it possiblefor new employees to oversee communication channels after an employeehas left the organization. The platform as well facilitates thetracking of every customer’s progress and forthcoming sale. Thisresults in well-timed and articulate customer service.

Social media – many organizations are reluctant to use social mediain their operations. However, it is continuously proving to be acrucial communication tool, especially at this age when people aremore social on social networking platforms. The objective of socialmedia as a communication tool would be to provide information on theorganization’s products and services, for instance, the prices ofproducts and availability (Duhe 2007: 100). It also acts as aplatform through which the organization can receive feedback fromcustomers on products and services offered. Social media acts asresource for potential customers to research and inquire on how touse a product. It can act as an effective tool for informingconsumers on how to use newly introduced products, which encouragesbuying.

Question B

Summary – Viva Energy Ghana needs to continue seeking for newcustomers, which can be achieved through increasing brand value.Owing to the increase demand in quality of fuels and lubricants,consumers are constantly seeking organizations that can meet theseneeds.

Background – Vivo Energy has been in operation for many years inGhana. It has managed to establish itself as the country’s mainsupplier of lubricants and fuels. Lubricants and fuels are theproducts marketed. It is important that these products are of highquality to ensure proper functioning of machinery and vehicles.

Target – the target market comprises of individuals that use fuelsand lubricants. These are motorists, industries and businesses. Theorganization targets both males and females, individuals that owncompanies that use the products, and motorists of different ages.

Market positioning – the products and services provided by theorganization have a good market positioning. Shell products arewidely recognized for their effectiveness and ability to meet qualitystandards. The products are differentiated from those of competitorsowing to the level of innovativeness invested in creating them. Theshell brand sets itself apart from competitors because it has beenavailable to consumers for many years and has managed to build abrand presence.

SWOT analysis – the strengths include an established sales network.The company has been in operation for years and has managed to createa sales network that is well established. The organization has acompetent labor force and business units. The weakness derives fromthe small business units and lack of effective investment incontemporary communication tools, like social media. Opportunitiesinclude a growing demand for the products, ability to invent newproducts, operating in a developing economy and the organization hasrecord growth rates. The threat originates from enhancing competitionfrom companies providing similar products.

Competition analysis – there are other companies operating in thesame industry as Vivo Ghana. These competitors use the similarmarketing approaches as Vivo. Most common is the use ofadvertisements to promote their products, offers and services. Inaddition, strategic positioning of these competitors enhances theirrecognition in the market. Pricing is a different strategy used bycompetitors. By selling their products at slightly lower prices,there is a probability that customers may shift to competitors.

Objectives – The plan focuses on how to change attitudes, influencepurchase intent, encourage trial purchase and brand switching asmarketing objectives that increase Vivo’s brand value. Owing to theincreasing threat of competition, it is crucial for the organizationto establish on how to ensure that its products have a higher likingamong customers. There is opportunity for growth as the demand forfuels and lubricants increases. However, to ensure demand does notshift to competitors the organization must remain ahead ofcompetitors. It is possible to measure progress through a saleanalysis. The sales inform on whether there has been an increase inthe purchase or not. Supposing there is a remarkable increase insales, it resonates to an increase in consumers, which means that theplan has been effective in drawing more customers to Vivo.

Marketing tools – because most competitors depend on the media toincrease brand awareness, people are already aware of theseadvertisements. Hence, it is important to use different marketingtools. The organization will use the internet to create socialnetworking sites. Using these sites, efforts will be made to reachout to potential clients. The other tool is creating a clientmanagement platform. The platform will be employed to monitor anyfirst time customers and provide them with offers like free trials toensure they become repeat customers at Vivo.

Question C

The internal stakeholders mainly comprises of personnel. Externalstakeholders are the customers, shareholders and society. Thepersonnel are responsible for meeting the needs of customers,ensuring the availability of products upon demand and by providingneeded services during purchase. On the other hand, the customersneed personnel in order to receive services (Bremand Viardot2015:57). For instance, at a refueling station, the customer needsa worker to assist in fueling their vehicle. Likewise, a customerneeds to communicate to an employee when asking about a product.Shareholders depend on the effectiveness of employees in order tobenefit from the company. Employees work towards ensuring theyincrease sales, which derives from an increase in customers. Salesincreases resonate to more dividends for the shareholders.

The plan in question B makes it possible to gratify the differingstakeholder needs. The plan provides a strategy that personnel canuse in attracting more customers and reduce competition. By doing so,it becomes possible to meet the shareholder needs. The communicationtools suggested benefits both customers and personnel. Workers usethem to reach out to customers and vice versa. However, there arepossible barriers that may emerge because of differing interest. Onepotential barrier is the inability to effectively reach out to targetcustomers. Using social media does not guarantee that customers willbecome interested in the organization’s products. Although it mayprovide a platform for providing feedback to customer issues orgetting different customer perspective, the level of engagement withpotential customers is minimal. In order for social media to beeffective, it ought to be properly managed on a consistent basis.This means employing someone to handle social media, which may becostly for the organization.


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