Theinternet is a global system of computer networks interconnected so asto use internet protocol suite in linking billions of devices acrossthe globe. It can also be termed as a network of networks which linksmillions of public, private, business, academic and government localnetworks to global scope. It carries a wide range of informationservices and resources. Its invention is rooted in 20thcentury whereby it is regarded as one of the best engineeringachievement of that century (Abbate3). Its invention is in early1960s by the US government in their attempts of building a robust andfault-tolerant communication through computer networks. The documentbelow analyzes the invention of internet, roles played by engineersand its impact to the society.


Theinternet genesis was a group effort of many individuals working inconcert at times andat other times independently. Its birth was as aresult of enormous technological contest between USSR and USA duringcold war. USSR sent a satellite Sputnik 1 on 4thOctober 1957. In response, America created the advanced researchproject agency in 1958. The American defense required a system thatwould enable them to exchange data between various laboratories anduniversities. Licklider, therefore, came up with an idea of creatinga network where various computer systems could be interconnected toone another so as to exchange data quickly (Comer7). His idea came up because theywere supposed to deal with three distinct systems connecting touniversity of California, Santa Monica and another at MIT.

’sfirst use took place in October 29, 1969 which was a communicationbetween Stanford Research Institute and UCLA. By the year 1972,twenty-three computers were connected. The term electronic mail(email) was used at this time for the first time (Abbate8). In the year 1974, after acouple of failed attempts, Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf also referred to asthe internet fathers developed in Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)which became TCP/IP in the year 1978. TCP/IP became officially thecommunication protocol for ARPANET on 1stJanuary 1983.

Roleof engineers in making internet a success

Engineersplayed a pivotal role in ensuring internet as a project wasinitiated. Engineers exhibited both technical and scientificknowledge to make sure that the idea of interconnectivity has beenrealized. To begin with, the engineers had to design the project.After designing they laid down the plan and documented the essentialparameters of developing the project. The technical knowledge ensuredthat all the technical tools are set. This implies that computers hadto be installed with all the necessary parameters like software whichwould allow the testability of the project (Comer59). Any parameter that was notreadily available had to be developed and this was the role ofengineers. After all was in place the engineers had to test whetherthe project was working and since it failed for the first time theyhad to diagnose the problem and restructure it until it functioned.From hence, they started working on its development until it becamestable. This indicates that the engineers played an integral role inensuring the project’s success.

Impactsof internet

has impacted the world in many ways. One of the fields its impact isevident is the health care field. has facilitated healthsynergistic and medicine discoveries. This is through enhancinginstant scientific associations between researchers dealing withareas like basic microorganisms’ biology and neurologic diseases.The telemedicine is another system that is internet based which helpin diagnosing and treating patients in California. has alsocreated major reforms in communication field (Abbate97). Through internet people canconnect and interact when they are millions of miles apart easily andconveniently. This can be done through emails and other social Mediaslike Facebook which are all internet based developments. Businessfield is another field that internet has made significant impacts. has helped businesses to have websites which enables peopleto conduct business activities online.

’sfuture developments

Thereare potential developments which can be made in this achievement.Currently there is major security issues in matters involved withinternet. Hacking has become a common phenomenon in the world ofinternet. should be developed in future to ensure that ithas a way of protecting such vices. Cloud systems are not workingeffectively. The cloud usage has been in a constant growth whichtends to increase the network systems’ complexity. This impliesthat in future internet need to be improved such that it can developsolutions where the networks can adapt all application rather thanconstricting them (Comer 70).


Thediscussion has revealed the reason as to why internet is among thebest 20thcentury’s achievements. This can be assessed on the basis of theimpacts it has created in the lives of human beings. In deed internetcame a long way until it became completely established. However, itsbenefits are real and everyone in the world today can acknowledge itssignificance. However, there are some developments which need to bedone to ensure that it is well accommodative and ensure all internetbased transactions are safe.


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