Thisis a summary interview that I carried out with former MarriottInternational Hotel human resource director. I had an opportunity tointerview the Human Resource Director. The experience was charming. Isummarized the interview for today presentation purpose. To answerabout his regret, he stated that he had worked at Fairmont Hotel in1994, a small company then and was promoted twice. He wanted tobecome a director as soon as possible thus he left Fairmont Hotel.Fairmont Hotel later purchased Canadian pacific and Princess Resortbecoming a large Hotel with a lot of opportunities for him. Heregrets having left Fairmont hotel. He also regrets working forMarriot International hotel as it did not prove to be as he hoped andhe disliked the geographical location and economical strains thatcame along.

Indaily roles, he used that day’s events to explain to me what hedoes. He stated he had just solved a dispute between employees anddealt with labor relations concerning his employees. He added that heplans holiday for the organization and reviews job applicantsroutinely.

Theinterviewee said, what he likes most about the hotel he is workingfor, is the interaction he has with is fellow employees. He addedthat they are friendly, passionate and professional in their job. Headded the hotel is unique being 85 years old and serves as a landmark in San Francisco.

Onqualities that make one excel as human resource director, heresponded patience and multitasking are important to success. He saiddaily duties should be carried with a lot of caution and there isneed to be able to do various jobs at once. On the qualities theylook for when employing he stated that he looks for passion,experience and educational background in hospitality of theemployees.

Headvised that students that are preparing to enter the Hospitalitymarket should use their education and be patient in their new job.They should be ready to learn, he added. He stated there is no needto leave one hotel for another due to increase in pay as the growthin this market is something that is attained gradually. He alsostated when you move to new organization you always start afresh,prove yourself to the management and learn the organization culture.

Addressingthe issue of graduates who are not USA citizens he argued that itwould be difficult to get job in the USA as the employer has to provethat you are the only one who can do that job only. In additionprocuring visa is also not that easy. He advised the best thing to dois to find internship with great hotel equaling home market to gainexperience and if possible apply for green card lottery.


Whatour interviewee is telling us is that we should always be patient inthe hospitality industry growth in career is a gradual process. Inaddition he states that we should have passion, relevant educationand experience when applying for jobs in the industry. Lastly,international students should seek internships with hotels that matchtheir home market to gain experience as it is difficult beingemployed in USA if you are not a Citizen.