Invisibility of Institutional Racism

Invisibilityof Institutional Racism

Inthe modern institutions, racism is invisible. Institutional racism isany action either deliberately or inadvertently that undermines ordevalues a person or an employee based on color and race, supportedby an organization`s policies. The invisibility of institutionalracism means that many institutions have designed policies, which inone way or another, perpetuate racism. Racism is a vice that affectsthe image of an institution. Therefore, many organizations willimplement policies that make racism invisible to protect theircorporate image.

Accordingto Ritzer(2014), almost all the modern institutions practice racisms in oneway or another. One institution that up to date operate under theinfluence of prejudice is health care. According to Henry, Houstonand Mooney (2004), the Australian health care system is a goodexample of an institution full of discriminatory actions. Forinstance, as a result of the belief that blacks are more likely toabuse pain compared to whites, many Australian hospitals administerpain medication in a different way to blacks. Some other hospitalsclaim not to support racism or prejudice against blacks, but theirpolicies support discriminatory practices. For example, some teachinghospitals in the United States have policies that allow pelvicexaminations on unconscious female black patients in surgery withoutthe patient approval to tutor interns.

Bondywrites in a Ney York Daily News article that sports is a field thatexperiences race discrimination up to date (2014). A good example ofracism in sports is the high graduation rate for black collegeathletes. In sports such as football and basketball, trainingprograms implement policies that encourage recruitment and earlygraduation of black athletes without proper academic counselling, toexploit their talents at a low cost compared to their whitecounterparts. Another example of institutional racism in sports isthe disparity in top management between the whites and other colourraces. For instance, in the year 2013, there were only four managersin baseball top management team.


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