IS project management



ISproject management

Question1: The concept of operation document

Needsand expectation that motivate development

Followingthe growth of the Rescue911, a lot of problems has crop, theorigination has begun to receive a lot of complains from thesubscribers and providers about the services they render. They arealso being pressurized by the government, the hospital, insurancecompanies, and medical aid to account for their services. The mainproblems include too much expenditure in coordination and monitoring,lack of real time information, confirmation of calls is difficult(Anupindi, 2006).


Themanagement of the Rescue911 has learned that inadequate system thatfailed to keep pace with the growth rate of the organization is thecontributor of majority of the problems (Anupindi, 2006). Operationalvisionthe future plan of the rescue 911 is to lunch (Emergenceresponse system ERIS). This information will allow the organizationto run smoothly. This will enable the organization to accommodatethe ever increasing customers and also to keep good records which canbe used during borrowing of bank loan (Anupindi, 2006).

Modesof operation

Rescue911 is a company that runs a single call centre for the 24 hours, theemergency operation is coordinated from this point using the calls toRescue911 which are received and processed. Rescue911 Company mainlyoperated by use of ambulance to reach their clients who need theirservices at a particular time.

Callcentre operators dispatch emergency medical technicians who aretrained to carry out the operation. Response team are found in 25base locations which are evenly distributed across areas served byRescue 911.The dispatcher is charged with the main responsibility ofdirecting Rescue teams to the right place where there is anemergency situation, this is only achieved through matching(Anupindi, 2006).

The clients are required to subscribe, they are of two categories directand the indirect groups, the direct groups have already paid for the Rescue 911 group while the indirect group have not paid anything butthey might be payable indicated through the bank. Those who are notsubscribing at all can still be help but with fixed cost higher thannormal price (Davis, 2008).

Userclasses and characteristics

Thisinformation are important for predicting the behavior of somebody andthus know how to deal with him or her. The information in the sameclass allows the computer to keep the large information in same classfound in the same location as to be able to retrieve them readily andwith a lot of ease (Davis, 2008).


ChiefMedical officer should ensure that rescue911 medical procedures anddispatch adhere to requirements of National Association of EMSPhysicians (Davis, 2008).

ForRescue 911 to carry out its functions smoothly they are supposed toemployee not only qualified medical technicians but also highlyskilled, this will enable them to give quality services, theorganization is also required to keep well prepared records. Theorganization must also pay their licenses fee (Davis, 2008).

Thecall centre operators are supposed to be trained on emergencyTelecommunication and they are supposed to be certified by thenational and international academies of emergency dispatch. Thecompany is also required have very good system for the purposes ofrecord d keeping and also to keep up to date. These include:

Prioritizedsystem features and quality attributes

Theoperational requirements of my choice are the utility softwarerequirements and the design and construction constraintsrequirements. ERIS will be implemented in phases first it will beused in to enable to log in details of the received emergency calls.ID 1 in our system (Davis, 2008). It will be also used to follow upfor the callers during emergency responses. The User ID is 4.


Thereare different types of emergencies that Rescue911 responds, thisinclude emergencies due to stroke, due to accident, due to shootings,during child delivery, allergic reaction, drowning and evenaccidental poisoning(Davis, 2008).

Impactof system on development environment-

Thenew system IRES will enable the company to run smoothly throughfacilitating good filing. ERIS RESOURCE WLL ALSO ENABLE SUCH ASTANDARDISED process like logging in the system also is expected tocontribute towards to improvement in the internal operationefficiency and team response, together with the better managementcontrol (Davis, 2008).


Thereshould be soft ware’s that automatically show the location of thecaller and the information of the caller should be already stored inthe servers of the Rescue911 in a way that is easily retrievable. Allthe details of the caller should be readily viewed to enableimmediate response.

Thesystem should be able to send queries automatically and storeresponses from these dispatched to different operation points, thoseparticipating in the operation are expected to submit reports duringthe operation and after the operation. ERIS will be utilized byrescue 911 to produce certain reports. The reports include thescheduled report and demand reports (Davis, 2008).

ERISwill be used by the employers to clock in later to clock out, it willbe a used to login the information of the many customers. The majormotivation is a call centre where ERIS is used to lock the calls andto dispatch at least one operational team (Davis, 2008).



Operational features to primary requirements



Software verification and validation IEEE 1012

Valid and Verified

Software configuration management IEEE 828

Valid and verified


Use software quality assurance IEEE730

Valid and verified

Software test documentation IEEE829

Valid and verified


EMTSand the managers are the once who should be on the change controlboard, this is so because they are in charge of EMT shift logging, and also to enable EMT records management, BSMS will allow lockingin and out of the employees.


Thecompanies that offer insurance services need to sign contractualagreement to take care of the insured individuals very well, thebeneficiaries of this services need to sign contract with the rescue911 on the quality of servi9ces provided and time frame one canweight Provide this will enable both parties to enjoy the advantagesof working without fear of defaulters (Davis, 2008).


Theintroduction of the new ERIS system will have to involve many changeswithin the company. One of the changes includes the change of thecontracts between the clients and Rescue91. The contract betweenemployees and that of the company has to the done also.

Theprocedure of this process w ill begins with Rescue911 writing a newcontract and notifies the public and also drafts another for theemployees. The individuals will then decide whether to sign thecontract or not for those who want to subscribe for the services thecompany offers.

Thecontract that binds Rescue911 with its clients through the insurancecompanies has to be signed by the insurance companies too. This willallow the insurance companies to verify the responsibility that theyhave offered the services their clients get from Rescue91. All theparties involved have to review the changes made on the contractdocument before signing the new version.


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