BusinessAdministration – Management – Sales – Entry LevelJobDescription

BluMarcis currently hiring entry level representatives to work with ourFortune 500 clients. We are looking for diverse, well roundedindividuals&nbspwho will advance in our company to oversee andmanage a campaign for our clients.&nbspWhether your interests are inmanagement, HR, administration, business development or simplygaining experience, we&nbspcan offer something you are looking for.This job involves face to face meetings with business owners toconduct sales.&nbsp

EntryLevel Representatives&nbspareresponsible for:

  • Meeting with new and existing clients

  • Doing presentations with business clients

  • Attending business meetings

  • Managing daily reports

  • Training exercises&nbspto improve&nbspteam management

  • Running meetings

  • Learning sales and marketing

  • Developing new strategies to retain clients

  • Processing ordersWe provide:

• CompetitiveCompensation• One on one training with an emphasis onmanagement• An upbeat, professional, and positive workenvironment is offered• Travel Opportunities• GrowthOpportunities



Requirements•Must have college degree or equivalent industry experience•Possess attitude and abilities that are adaptable to Managementposition.• Willingness to join and grow with privately ownedfirm• Entrepreneurial, high energy, and committed toexcellence• Personable and low maintenance• Is a teamplayer&nbspBluMarc,Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate basedon race, sex, creed, or age. Pay based upon performance.



TheHuman Resource Manager


Summit,NJ Recruiting Department / HR



Ref:Application for Business Administration: Management Sales-Entry Level

Iam writing to apply for a the post of Management Sales,which was advertised on the career website( I finished my Bachelorof BA (Business Administration) course with a Double major inInternational business &amp Marketing at theUniversity of MissouriSt.louis. Ihave gained experience at the Frontliners Inc. (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)where I am presently working and several other organizations givingme valuable insight into the job requirements of businessadministration management sales job. I have equally gained vital attributes such as team player whileformerly working as an Agent in a call center and a Team leader ofcustomer service in Abu Dhabi Chanles sports at the Mobliy And AlHada(phone company). I am confident that my experience and education area god match for undertaking the duties of a management sales personin your company. I believe I am the best candidate for this job andhope for a positive response from you.

Thanksin advance for your consideration.





10308Beau Jardindr, St.louis Mo 63146

[email protected]

Internationalcell: 009665062965633

USACell: 3143265633


Seekingopportunity in working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry ofForeign Affairs and other organizationa


  • Bilingual, able to speak two languages (English, Arabic)

  • Flexible, able to learn new things.

  • Computer skills: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access

  • Patient, remaining calm under pressure.

  • Able to deal with individuals from different cultures due to studying abroad

  • Team leader.


Universityof Missouri St.louis

Bachelorof Business Administration

Doublemajor in International business &amp Marketing.


FrontlinersInc(Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Agentin a call center

Teamleader of customer service of in Abu Dhabi Chanles sports

MobliyAnd AlHada (phone company)


Allthe paperwork will be available in any time


ThankYou Letter

Iam writing to inquire of the outcome of the process of recruitment ofthe BusinessAdministration: Management Sales-Entry Level.My reason for writing is to follow up on the interview program. Afterreceiving your letter that confirmed my name in the shortlist andinvitation for the interview, I write to confirm and give myappreciation for your consideration to participate in the interviewprocess. However, since your last communication, there is no updateon the dates for the interview. Due to the fact that I live 90 milesaway, I need adequate time to create for the journey considering theunpredictable bad weather. I have decided to bring to your attentionthe concern of my situation to avoid any inconveniences. I also hopeto seek confirmation that the interview is still in progress and onschedule. I anticipate your reply. Thank you