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There are many interesting stories that have been made into movies inorder to be used for entertainment purposes. Besides entertainmentpurposes, the movies reflect what happens in the society. They teachand shape behavior. A movie that has been derived from a novel issaid to be the adaptation of that novel. During the adaptation, it isnot possible to capture all the details in the novel. Movies can alsonot be able to effectively carry the whole theme and desiredinfluence of the novel. Sometimes some details, themes and phrasesare intentionally left out for one reason or another. This papercompares the movie, Krabat and the novel from which it was adapted,and explores the effectiveness of the changes that were made.

The movie, Krabat, which is directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner isan adaptation of the award-winning novel by Otfried PreuAler. Themovie outlines a story of a young destitute child, called in hisdream into apprenticeship to a young sorcerer. In the year 1646,Krabat is only a fourteen year old boy, beaten by starvation. He isan orphan and has to struggle to survive following the decimation ofhis family and country by war and sicknesses. He watches these asthey happen. During one night, as he is sleeping, he hears a strangevoice calling him in his dreams and urging him to a mysterious millthat is in the countryside. In exchange for space and sustenance, theyoung sorcerer takes Krabat as an apprentice (, 2008).

While there he makes troubling discoveries. His dream that is finallyin a peaceful and safe place, he discovers there is much to the millthan he knows. His research into this makes him realize that hismaster is a black magician and the other eleven apprentices are hisstudents. Hoping to have some power, Krabat chooses to join the groupand through determination and hard work with a desire to change hislife, the young apprentice becomes knowledgeable in black magic, butthere is still something wrong in the land and therefore he realizeshe has to try and escape from the dangerous land, fighting for love,friendship and freedom (, 2008).. Both the novel andthe movie tell the story so naturally as though it is a real lifestory. The movie is a perfect adaptation of the novel, able to tellthe story better than even Harry Porter movie could (Kirk). However,there are certain changes that have been made to the movie. Thelanguage that is engaged in the movie is one of the things that havebeen altered in the film version. Krabat is a German story,written by Otfried after being enlisted in the German Army and beingcaptive to the Soviets for five years. The word choice in the storyis therefore questionable and brought a lot of debate. Some of thewords he used could sound racist upon translation into English. Ifthe movie could be made to use the exact words, the movie would causehavoc most definitely. The adaptation also excludes certain attiresand costumes originally described in the story. Some costumes areconsidered too discriminative in terms of gender and race. Forinstance, Otfried has made some descriptions of how the charactersdressed, like the apprentices. These costumes can be taken as abusiveto the black people. The film therefore has to modify these costumesand still be able to keep the originality of the story. The variousfights in the novel are also eliminated within the film. This isbecause the movie is intended for children. It is argued thatchildren should not be exposed to violence because that could lead todefiant behaviors as the children grow up (Langford, 2012). It istherefore necessary to alter those scenes. Even in the single combatthat has been left in the film, the apprentices used magical powersin fighting the enemy and there is little physical contact. This iseffective in making the movie suitable for the younggeneration. However, the change that is most disappointing to thereaders of the book is the exclusion of most of the black magic,which are used by the author to create interesting suspense. Manyreviews of the movie critique the move as a failure despite the majorefforts by the film producer (, 2008).

Even though the film developed from the award winning novel, Krabat,by Otfried has been changed in many places by Kreuzpaintner as hedirects the film, it is still one of the most accurate adaptations ofnovels ever to be made. The changes made are also very effective inmaking the film suitable for general viewing, both by children andadults, males and females. It also eliminates the racist factor thatis present in the language used to produce the novel.

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