Laboratory Exercise

Laboratory Exercise


Selftest answers

1.Random experiment

2.Two group experimental design.

3.Control group design.

4.Internal validity.


6.Loading effect.


8.Single- blind experiment.

9.Cognitive effect.

10.External validity.

11.Conceptual Replication.

12.Independent variables

13.Experimental development design.


15.Single independent variable.

16. Factorial notation.

17.4, 6, 24

Multiplechoice self test

  1. Independent, dependent.

  2. Experimental group.

  3. Control group, experimental group

  4. Using the same subjects in each group, using different subjects in each group.

  5. External validity.

  6. History effect.

  7. Regression to the mean increase

  8. Subjects lost differentially from experimental and control group.

  9. Double –blind experiment single -blind experiment.

  10. Floor

  11. Conceptual

  12. Regression to the mean

  13. We have at least one significant interaction effect.

  14. 6

  15. 2*3

  16. 4

  17. 3*3

  18. An interaction effect

  19. Longitudinal.


  1. Mozart effect

  2. Independent variable

  3. Maturation effect

  4. Internal validity refers the degree to which one can infer that a causal relationship exists between two variables where as external validity refers to theThe extent to which the study results can be generalized to and across populations of persons, settings, times, outcomes, and treatment variations. Both of them are vital as they infer the relationship between the two variables.


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