Land Lord Responsibilities

LandLord Responsibilities

Thisparticular case begins with a scenario whereby an intruder sets uponthe University Heights Apartments. The intruder had in some waymanaged to gain entrance into the apartments and had forced open thelock of the sliding door in one of the ground floor apartments inwhich my tenant Sharon occupied. Due to the attack from the intruder,Sharon was able to scream and by this it caught the attention ofDarryl who came to her aid and assisted her in driving off theintruder. In the process to chase away the attacker they both didbadly get cut thus the intruder did manage to get away.

Theintruder is totally liable for not only the harm he did on bothSharon and Darryl but also on the damage he caused on the lock of thesliding door. It is his liability for he was for sure caught in theact and he was witnessed by two individuals whom he also harmed. Inaccordance to the law if the intruder would have been apprehended itwould have been his responsibility to compensate for the damage hecaused, additionally he should settle the medical bills of bothSharon and Darryl. If the attacker would have not in any way takenupon him to ensure that he caters for the damage and harm heimplicated then the long arm of the law would be fall him resultingto jail time for the offender.

Beingthe owner of the apartment I do have legal responsibilities towardsSharon and Darryl, this is because they both did get injured withinmy property thus it is my duty to be responsible to what happened tothem (Cannon, T. 2008). My responsibilities to Sharon and Darryl hasto be there as they both stay in my apartment, Sharon is a tenant whoexpects I offer security to her while she continues living in myapartment. Darryl on the other hand is my resident manager and thatmakes him my responsibility as he is working for me.

Asthe landlord, I have ethical responsibilities to all my tenants toensure that the services that they get offered are followed preciselyand accordingly to the letter (Cannon, 2008). It is my duty to ensurethe security of all who live in my premises. I am by law underresponsibility to ensure that my tenants live in a comfortablesurrounding and mostly an environment that has better security(Statsky, 2012). I do have ethical responsibilities to both Darryland Sharon one may question why? Well as a land lord I am anindividual who is offering services to people who live in myapartment and by that I should provide better and much safer betterliving conditions. The ethical responsibilities have to be in placeso as to ensure that the relationship I share between my tenantscontinues to grow for the better (Statsky, 2012). Ethicalresponsibilities encourage my tenants into much welcomed into livingin the apartment for a longer period for they will be assured of safeenvironment to live in.

Theethical responsibilities that I have towards Sharon and Darrylinclude ensuring that they first get a proper and better medicalcare for the injuries they suffered, I would further go ahead and payfor medical bills after their treatment and would repair the damagedlock (Singer, 2000). Additionally, I would enhance on the securitylevel in the apartment so as to avoid a repetition of the scenariothat had taken place. I have to be ethical with Darryl too as he willneed to know that he is working at a place that is more safer than itwas before the intrusion by the attacker and by that I will need toshow both Sharon and him of how I have taken serious measures toensure that nobody will have to worry of any more intruding orattacks. The ethical responsibilities will not only apply to Sharonand Darryl but to all who are my tenants or who are in the apartment.A land lord is expected to make all tenants feel safe within hisapartment, he or she should have a better relationship with his orher tenants and in this way the tenants will feel free to even offeradvice on matters that they notice need to be looked at (Kaplan,2014).

Soas to prevent, mitigate and ensure that such a risk doesn’t happenagain, I will be required to advance the security level of theapartment. By advancing the security I will have to appoint moresecurity personnel’s who will ensure maximum monitoring of allperimeters of the apartment. Basically I will also have to identifyall who live in my apartment so as to avoid random entry of strangersinto the apartment. It would also be advisable that I ensure theshowing of identification at the entrance so as to even keeprecognition of all who enter. In conclusion I should install twentyfour hour security surveillance so as to assure the tenants thatthere security is my main concern.


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