Language in Cultural Geography

Languagein Cultural Geography

Asasserted by Bybee the cultural geography refers to the study ofcultural products and norms. There are various aspects that arehighlighted in the cultural geography such aspects include languageand religion (67). In this respect, language is considered as themost powerful weapon of communication. Through the use of language,people could connect with others and discuss experiences. This papercritically analyses language as part of the cultural geography.

Bybeedenotes that language is associated with the use of symbols sound andgestures to communicate (56). Language is also defined as anexpression of which individuals communicate within their communities.On the other hand, culture is the social systems as well as theshared patterns of knowledge, attitudes, values, behaviors, andattitudes. Culture offers an environment in which the languages buildup. Additionally, culture influences the manner in which languagesare interpreted and used. For instance, in the European culture asunny day is termed as a good day, on the other hand, a majority ofthe African culture considers good day as the day that the rainfalls.

Language is essential in every aspect of interaction in our lives.More particularly, language is used to communicate to individualswith regards to our desires, how we feel and help us to understandthe world around us. During the business transactions, language isconsidered significant since the customers are likely to trust aswell as have an intimate relationship with the business person asopposed to using a translator. Language communication is animperative step in the development of strong as well as lastingrelationships that would lead to a business growth (Bybee 23). Amajority of schools have started recognizing the significance oflanguages. Therefore, a number of schools have provided theirstudents with a second language early enough this is as a result ofemployers asking for specific language requirement as an element oftheir application process.

Thepaper notes that language plays a significant role in enhancingrelationships between individuals. Moreover, a number of situationssuch as business environment require the use of language foreffective communication. Research indicates that the use of a secondlanguage has become an integral part of the current school system.



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