Leadership Profile




Differentpeople has been leaders in different front and/or organizations,however, the success of their leadership differs from one person tothe other. Different factors determine the successfulness of a leadersuch as leadership style, organization and even personal attributes.A leader is a person who inspires others towards the fulfillment of acertain objective. Mr. Brad Haber is the Chief Operating Officer ofBuffalo Wild Wings-Grube, Inc. He is responsible for overseeing theoverall operations of the company and ensuring that the goals set bythe company are met in a timely manner. Mr. Haber has anundergraduate degree in Psychology from Sacred Heart University and amaster in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego. He hasused his leadership skills to effectively managed Buffalo Wild Wings-Grube, Inc. for 3 years. This paper is a profile of the leadershiprole played by Mr. Haber.

Mr.Haber oversees the Buffalo Wild Wings group of restaurants where Iwork as a part-time cashier. Mr. Haber’s leadership style is whatWinkler (2010) describes as transformational by being a visionaryleader. My Haber is passionate about his dream for the company andkeeps communicating the “big picture” of being the leadingrestaurant organization in the U.S. He is committed to reaching thisvision by working hard as a team.

Accordingto Winkler (2010), transformational leaders inspire their followersto forego their personal interests for those of the organization by avision. Mr. Haber always encourages teamwork citing that “it yieldshigh-quality work than working alone.” He delegates tasks to teamswhose accomplishment leads to the overall growth of the restaurant.In addition, Haber values his employees and provides incentives forthem to reach their highest potential. At one instance, he sent me anemail thanking me for my outstanding contribution to the success ofthe company which made me feel appreciated.

Inconclusion, Mr. Haber is visionary and inspiring which explains histransformational leadership style. His high goals and ideas havesteered Buffalo Wild Wings-Grube, Inc. to greater levels bymotivating employees and encouraging innovation. Therefore, otherleaders should remodel Haber’s leadership style to transform theirorganizations to successful ones.


Winkler,I. (2010). Contemporaryleadership theories.Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag.