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Thefirst day driving experience

Drivingis taking control of the operation of a motor vehicle. It involvesnavigating and making a decision on what speed the vehicle would use,the direction it would take and when it should stop or proceed on(Taylor,Lawrence, and Steven, 77).I always admired my parents as they drove their vehicles in and outof the compound back in the days when I was in high school. I had nothad a chance to drive a vehicle before. The only idea I had aboutdriving was my friend’s tales of how much the driving experiencewas interesting and fun.

Iknew my mother was too concerned about safety and would thereforenotallow me to use her car in my first time driving activity. Itherefore approached my dad every day after work, and asked of whenhe would allow me drive his vehicle like he did every day. Heresponded that he did not have much time, yet I needed much guidancewhile driving since it was indeed my first time. It is only aftertrying so hard to explain how keenly I had been observing him as hedrove, and how I thought I may not need any guidance at all, that hepromised he would have no objection in allowing me drive when Iacquire an A grade in math.

Ihad previously attained a B grade in math the previous test and so Iadded just a little effort and the grade was transformed to an A inthe next test. During the test, I managed the A grade in math andalso had a general excellent performance. I went home excited withthe results well displayed by the big smile I had on my face. After Itold my dad of the big news, he was excited.He however came up withthe old excuse of having no time, and he therefore did not have plansof keeping his promise. I waited for a few days until I realized thathe had no intention of ever allowing me drive. I got so angry at himuntil I came up with a plan. On Saturday, both mum and dad never wentto work and thusthey woke up late at around 10 in the morning.Luckily, I never attended school on Saturday too. My plan was simple,I only had to wake up early, steal dad’s car keys and take it for aride then return it before they woke up.

ThatSaturday I was woken by the early alarm I had set the previous night.I had also managed stealing my dad’s car keys in an easy way sincehe left them on top of the table as he went to the bedroom with mum.I dashed to the parking of the vehicles and with great excitement. AsI had told my dad, I had been keen in observing how he drove thevehicle by steps. The procedure he followed until the motor machinestarted rolling in motion. I therefore knew that I was capable ofdriving it, or so I thought. I took the car keys and opened the door,luckily there was no alarms that would have woken my parents in theirluxurious sleep. I jumped into the car and fastened my seat belt.

Seatedat the driver’s seat, I felt like I had accomplished all I wanted,a nice feeling like I was at the top of the world and couldaccomplish anything I wanted. I however had some fear on what wouldhappen once I started the vehicle, and the fear on what might happenin case my parents woke up and discovered my intentions. I hoped tofeel the fun of driving a vehicle by managing to drive it round thecompound and then park it back as it was to avoid any of my parentssuspecting the experience I had. I started by reviewing what Iintended to do once I powered the car on. How I had seen my dad do itevery now and then. After reassuring myself that I was good to go, Iswung the keys and ignited the car engine.

Imanaged to move the vehicle from the parking place towards the road.My parents did not hear the vehicle move out of the compound but thatwas not what excited me most. I had finally drove a vehicle. I gaveshouts of joy with a congratulating tune for that hugeaccomplishment. What I had not realized was the fact that as I wasbusy rejoicing and congratulating myself, while the vehicle was stillin motion and unfortunately was heading towards a corner. I panickedafter realizing what was just about to happen. The huge joyousemotions I had, turned into a great fear which was creeping withinme. I thought I would probably experience a car accident which mightin the worst but possible case result into my death. All thesethoughts were revolving in my mind within fractions of seconds. Ihowever managed to take a lifesaving action and stepped on thebreaks. Luckily, the car stopped and I was not injured or hurt exceptthe emotional distress which was evident from the worried and dullface I had put on.

Theneighbors had already noticed the speeding car and thus hurriedlycalled my parents who both came to the scene with worried faces. Theyenquired whether I was okay since that was their greatest worry.After confirming that I was in good health,they unleashed the angerthey had by both yelling at me on top of their voices. I did not tryto explain to them. I knew that my actions had to have severeconsequences and precaution measures as to never involve in such anaction again. Despite the fact that it was exciting,I had nointentions of having another driving experience again.I enjoyed thefact that I had managed to drive the vehicle, but the thought offearful experience was astonishing. That was my first driving dayexperience.


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