Lemon pounded cake recipe

Lemonpounded cake recipe

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9November 2015

Lemonflavored cake recipe

Poundcakes are regarded as the most demanded cakes across the globe. Thelemon flavoured cake is one of the pound cakes that is a favouriteamong a majority of people worldwide. The Lemon flavoured cake is asweet and buttery cake with moist, dense smoothness.As the name ofthe cake suggests, the lemon cake has a soury lemon flavour that isextracted from both the lemon taste and the lemon juice. The lemontaste is added from the yellow cover of the lemon. Furthermore, toenhance the lemon flavour, the cake is ice-covered, with a simplelemon coating. Usually, baking a lemon cake is an involving process,and frosting is carried out by integrating the powdered sugartogether with squeezed lemon juice. Therefore, this paper focuses ondiscussing and exploring the steps that one carries in preparing alemon flavoured cake.

Recipetesting and instructions

First,making a lemon cake requires one to have wholesome ingredient. Withthe ingredients, one can carry on and start making the cake that willhave a lemon flavor, in addition to a well moist texture. When one ismaking a lemon cake, it is better to use lemons that aresweet-scented. The fragrant lemons are the best since they havebright coloured, oily yellow skin. More so, the fragrant lemons areorganic, firm, plump and sizeable: this makes the cake look moreflavored. One should avoid lemons that have soft spots, those thatare blemished or have a hard and wrinkled skinned.

Theingredients for making a lemon cake are as follows

  • One cup (250 g) of butter that is not salted.

  • Two cups of granulated sugar that is what in colour.

  • Two teaspoons of pure vanilla cutting

  • 1or two large eggs, at room temperature.

  • Two large lemons that will be used to provide Zest.

  • Two cups (280 g) of flour. In this case, flour for any purpose can be used.

  • One teaspoon salt

  • 1/2 cup (80 ml) of fresh lemon juice

  • 2 to 4 teaspoons of baking powder


  • Stirring stick (25 cm/ 10 inch)

  • Electric bowl and a normal kitchen bowl

  • Pan

  • Wax paper


First,making a lemon cake will require one to start by baking the cake andslightly cooling the baked cake. The next step that follow involvespreheating the oven toabout 350 degrees and then put the oven rack inthe middle of the oven.On the other hand, one should butter the panwith a stick and then arrange the bottom with a wax paper.Secondly,use the electric bowl to mix sugar and butter until the mixer turnspale in color. The next step that is followed will be adding in thevanilla extract to the cake. After the mentioned steps are achieved,one should add two eggs each at a time mixing well after the firstegg addition. Kiely,(2012)outlined that in making a cake mixing a cake separately is necessarybecause it make butter look curdled.

Thenext step that follows while making the lemon cakeisto mix the flour,baking powder, and lemon zest. The baked flour mixed with baking cakeis then added the lemon juice mixing it until the baked flourbecomesa smooth batter. Then the batter is taken and poured into aprepared pan. The cake should then baked for about 50-60 minutes.According to (Romines,2009)overcooking the cake mostly lemon cakes, make the cake dry. After thecake is ready and well cooked, one should put a wire rack for atabout 20minutes so as to cool the cake. Lastly, one should slowlyremove the sides of the pan.

Ingredientscomparison (differences and similarities between the processedproduct and the created product)


First,for the value of the ingredients of the processed product, theingredients has an added value comparing to the ingredients ofcreated product.The ingredient value of the processed product isbeing added because of the growth of technologies. As such, in theprocessed product, valuable products can be extracted from thealready used ingredients. For the case of creating the product, theingredients used are regarded as wastes henceforth, no valuableproducts from the used ingredients.

Anotherdifference related to the created product and the processed productis regarding the purpose of the ingredients used in each case. In theprocessed product, the purpose or rather the function of theingredients used is to make the cake success in the market. In thesituation of creating the cake the purpose of the ingredients usedwas to make the cake taste sweet, stabilize and become moreflavoring. Lastly, another difference between the cake that one cancreate and the processed one can be related to the consequence of theingredients used. The consequence of using the ingredients whilecreating the cake is that the cake is moister than the processed onebecause of the use melted butter.


Thevalue of the ingredients used in both cases can be referred to asnutritional value. Some of the ingredients such as flour provide thehuman body with valuable things such as vitamins and minerals(Pettigrew,2007).Therefore, the ingredients used to create the cake and the one usedin processing the cake have a nutritional value to people.

Similarly,the purposes of the ingredients that one can use in creating a cakeand the processed cake is that in both contexts, the ingredients arehealthy to human body henceforth, the cake fit for human consumption.

Similarly,as a result of using the listed ingredients in both cases, the cakebaked is satisfying to the user. As such, the ingredients that wereused in creating the cake were personally chosen. Therefore, the cakeis satisfying with the desired flavor. It is the same case with thecake that was processed because the ingredients used should besatisfying to the customer purchasing the cake.

Comparisonof eating quality (between the created version and the Commercialprocessed cake)

Afterthe whole process of making the cake, one could have observed andfelt the differences upon comparing the cake with a processedone(Joyofbaking.com,2015).When one chewed the two cake at a different time, one felt that thecreated cake taste was a little bit sweet and buttery. The flavor ofthe made cake was a south flavor or rather artificial. Unlike thecreated cake, the processed cake had a golden and buttery taste. Thetaste was so golden and buttery due to the yellow lemon juice at thetop of the cake. Also, the flavor of the processed cake is light andsimple, and this make the cake sweeter.

Self-lifeof the product created and processed (after five days)

Theself-life of both cakes was five days. For the created cake, thetexture of the cake did not change after five days due to theingredients that were used. Also, the taste of the never changed andthe appearance remained the same. According to (Boxer,2012)the application of the lemon frosting ingredient whereby the icingingredient prevented the loss of value of the product. On the otherhand, the processed cake texture, taste, and appearance did notchange due to the item packaging and the capability of the developersregarding packaging technologies.


Tosum up this paper, in the various situation the subject the topic ofcake attract much debate concerning whether to make or buy. For oneto decide such, there are various factors that one should consider.This includes the cost factor and labor, ingredients and equipmentfactors.

Costand labor factor

Determiningwhether to make or buy reflecting on the cost and labor and factorone can go for ways. In making the cake, one will usually undergoheavy costs and spend a lot of time while carrying out the process.However, the product will be cheaper because it will require apersonal contribution, low effort and energy and little attention.For buying the processed cake, the cost is relevant high but no timeand attention to make the cake is required or either effort to buy.Additionally, processed cake has a standard flavor henceforth, makingit the best idea to go for both cases of buying and making.

Ingredientsand equipment factors

Focusingon the ingredients and equipment factors, it will be better for aperson to buy the cake instead of making the cake. This is becausethe ingredients of homemade cake may make the cake look fussyespecially if the ingredients are overused and used wrongly. For theprocessed cakes, the flavor, taste and texture may last for a longtime because the processed cakes are usually prepared with theguidance of the ingredients. Also, the processed cakes are preparedwith improved equipment that are technologically improved. As such,the ingredients and equipment factors may make one go for theprocessed cake because of their tastes and healthfulness. To a betterunderstanding, making the decision of make or buy will be hugely beinfluenced by the ingredients and equipment factors and as well thecost and labor factors.


Definition and general commercial use

Why do you the manufacturer used it


Butter that is not salted

Used to make the cake dry

Making the cake have a long self-life


White sugar

To adjust the size of the cake

Usually make the cake sweet and has other important function.



It is essentially used in improving the tenderness of the cake.

Can be used as substitute of other. For example eggs.


Pure vanilla

Used in making the cake tastier.

Commercial vanilla make the cake creamy and shiny.



Used to add an identifiable flavor to the cake

It is a strong flavor enhancer and also it is seasoning.



Importantly, the ingredients is used in holding other ingredients together.

Makes the cake more stronger and have a texture.


Lemon juice

Used to make the lemon cake have a strong lemon flavor.

The zest product in lemon juice reinforces the texture of the cake.


Baking powder

Used in raising agent in the cake

The ingredient is double acting henceforth suitable in making cakes.



Exhibition3- the created product

Exhibition4- the processed product


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