Limitations of Managing the Human Cloud

Limitationsof Managing the Human Cloud

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Limitationsof Managing the Human Cloud

Onlinesourcing has had a history of the labor market. It began with theoutsourcing of information technology and business processes then theoff-shore outsourcing and later came the human cloud, which has beenavailable for years. The human cloud has been used by many companiesmostly centered on online middlemen who engage a large number ofvirtual online workers who are always ready to offer services in anytype of business. However, some limitations come with the humancloud. One very common is the increase in the number of middlemen.

Limitationsof managing the human cloud.

Thefirst limitation is the risk that comes with giving work to someoneyou have not physically met. Most employers fear giving jobs tovirtual workers and doing such will only require a leap of faith. Thevirtual worker may only do the job against their will since they donot get the physical push from their managers. It also requires a lotof motivation regarding payment for one to faithfully do the job. Toease the risk of being disappointed, most managers only outsourcejobs that have a soft deadline and those that are not crucial to thestatus of the company’s stock (Kaganer, 2012).

Thesecond and most critical disadvantage with the human cloud is therestricted capability of crowdsourcing and microsourcing to tacklelarge pieces of work. Human clouding is also limited in handlingcomplex tasks. Microsourcing, for example, has the ability only tohandle a single client, a sole provider and a soundly defined finaldeliverable. The collaboration and coordination of the partiesinvolved in the business are limited thus only restricting thetransactions to a few people. Microsourcing will, therefore, handlelittle tasks and less complicated one (Kaganer, 2012).


Humancloud as a virtual way of business has been promising save for somelimitations. One significant risk that comes with it is the danger ofoffering a job to someone you have never had physical contact withand also, the fact that it can only handle a limited capacity andless complex projects.


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