Literature Review as a Living Document

LiteratureReview as a Living Document

Inthe past, the act of one sharing their research or their findings wasnot a common occurrence. That was because most of the research thatwas done at the time was coded by the use of anagrams as well asciphers. The act of one developing a research project was a soloaffair, and some may term it as a one-time thing and that meant thatonce the project was done and completed it was like a sealed blackbox (Shanahan, 2015). In recent times, the concept of a livingliterature review has come to the fore due to the continuousdevelopments in technology.

Peoplefeel the need to discuss as well as spread ideas and that has led totrends whereby written research articles and under continuousscrutiny so as to prove they can stand the test of time. Once anarticle has been put down and published online, it is subject toamendments, updates, and linkage to other articles (Mattern, 2015).That shows that the literature review can be compared to a livingbeing since it is developing at each stage and that proves the aspectof a “living document”.

Thefact that a literature review is a living document per say means thatit affects how one can develop as well as incorporate the review intheir proposal. It needs to be incorporated in such a way that allowsfor future developments, and that opens the proposal to futureadjustments (Montouri, 2005). It also affects the reproducibility ofthe work due to the dynamics present in the internet era and how thataffects the literature review development cycle. There is a downsideto all of that, and that is due to a part where there is a lack ofpermanency, and one is forced to change their work continuously tomake it subscribe to new developments.


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