Management information Systems for the Flower Shop

Managementinformation Systems for the Flower Shop

Managementinformation Systems for the Flower Shop

Managementinformation system (MIS) is a system that deals with managinginformation’s so as to ensure efficiency and effective decisionmaking strategically. Management information system revolves aroundstudying of people, organizations, technology, and the relationships.Bowman,Davis and Wetherbe (1983) says that MISmanager, therefore, has the role of focusing on the technology andinformation of the organization. He/she helps in realizing thebusiness problems about the people`s view, the technology used in thebusiness so as to come up with applications that help resolve theproblems.

Regardinginformation the MIS would totally help in a case of a flower shop inthat, in cases of information that the customers are interested in,for example, deliveries, online buying among others, the MIS managercan easily put it into perspective to ensure satisfaction of theflower customers.

Managementinformation systems would help the marketing of the flowers throughthe help of electronic data interchange (EDI). EDI is a way ofexchanging data by electronic means safely and fast. The informationwould help the shop to save time in getting information from othermarkets on the progress of selling the flower products.

MIShas a Decision support system (DSS) which is a computer application.The application help in compiling information from various sources tohelp in making a decision. DSS would be important for the flower shopin ensuring strategic decisions based on evidence.

MIShelps to understand the various ways of information flows. It is inthis way that the flower shop would understand the information flowsso as to prevent any of such. Information flow can lead to retardedgrowth in the business.

ERP(resource planning) is the software that the flower shop can use incollecting, storing, managing and interpreting data from theirbusiness activities (Norris,Balls and Hartley (2000)).ERP help to ensure accountancy for everything in the flower shop.

FinallyE-commerce (electronic commerce) involves buying and selling ofgoods, transferring funds and data over the internet (Gefen(2000)).By the shop employing this resource, it would enable the shop toensure a faster way of communicating and transaction of business withthe flower customers.

Itis, therefore, important in all aspects to employing informationmanagement system in the flower shop for its growth. In all of thesurveys that have ever been done almost all of the respondents in abusiness always feels like it is important for a better decisionmaking and improvement of the business. For example in a survey thatwas carried by the international journal of scientific and technology(research volume 2, issue 12, December 2013) shows that most of therespondents agreed to the fact that MIS is important to a business.The result on how the respondents agreed to the fact that there is asignificant relationship between MIS and Decision making wererecorded. Out of 140 respondents 77 strongly agreed, 52 agreed while5 were neutral. Only six respondents disagreed. MIS from the surveysuggests that it can improve a business by a greater percentage of upto 55%.


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