Management styles case study

Managementstyles case study

Managementstyles case study

Ifound the study about the management styles being the best piece indemonstrating my diversity in skills. This is because I had tounderstand what management entails so as to become an effectivemanager. The diversity of management styles made the piece verycritical and crucial. This is because it helped me to understandvarious styles as well as the situation each style suits best in thereal business management context (Adizes,2004).For example, an authoritative management style is suitable in acontext where clear standards and directions are required as well aswhere the leader is credible. However, if the employees being managedare underdeveloped and the leader is incredible, the management stylewill be ineffective.

Thisscope of study played a significant role in teaching me that I haveto be a diverse manager so as to become effective. I need to haveenough knowledge of every management style. This will make me diversein the sense that I will be able to handle any situation that willrequire my attention (Adizes,2004).This is because no matter how diverse the situations might be, I willbe able to study the nature of that business environment, andunderstand the management style suitable for that particularsituation.

Inother words, the scope enabled me to gain essential and diverseexpertise (Adizes,2004).With this knowledge I am an effective manager since I have thepotential of handling any situation in an organization. The fact thatthe study equipped me with diverse expertise as far as management isconcerned is the sole reason as to why I regard this work to beessential in my career. It forms an integral base of my career andequipped me with knowledge that is essential for me, to be able to beeffective in all management contexts.


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