What is consumer sovereignty?

Consumer sovereignty is a concept that clients have the capacity toinfluence the decision to produce products and services. Theconsumers’ desires influence the decisions of manufacturers on whatto produce. For instance, if consumers tend to buy a product more, itmeans that the demand is high, and as a result, producers make moreof the specific product.

What are the limits to this concept?

Organizations employ marketers to publicize their products. Thisimplies that organizations sell what they want through use ofmarketing practices that convince consumers to purchase the products.In this case, the consumer may be unwilling to buy, but are convincedthrough for instance advertisements. Hence, consumer sovereignty islimited in such a case.

What are some examples of unethical marketing/advertising?

Illustrations of unethical advertising include using sellingpractices that are deceiving, organizations stating that thereproducts have warranty yet they fail to honor these warranties,presenting products as good yet they break down after purchase andpromoting negative culture through adverts.

How are these different from inappropriate marketing/advertising?

There is not disparity between unethical an inappropriateadvertising as both include deceit in marketing products and servicesto consumers. In both instances, the advertisement is wronglypresented to its targets.

What are some macro marketing ethical issues?

Macro ethical issues involve questioning if advertising is unfairowing to the fact that is usually presents just positive elements oftheir good/service. Another issue is the manipulative nature ofadvertising. By presenting a product as good, the consumer ismanipulated into buying unaware of the negative consequences of usingthe product.

How do the various ethical theories apply to manipulation inadvertising?

Ethical theories explain why it is incorrect for advertisers to usemanipulative advertising. In addition, the theories enlightenconsumers on how manipulation is achieved. For instance, whileadvertisers need to depict their products favorably, the selfinterest theory is an ethical theory that deems it wrong to change aproduct’s appearance to attract consumers.

Is McDonalds a green marketer? Why?

McDonald’s is a green marketer owing to its endeavors toparticipate in environmentally conscious actions. For instance, thecompany plays demonstration videos in some restaurants, whichdemonstrate how several green systems work. Examples of these systemsare recycling, which enlightens customers on how to recycle as a wayof making the environment green.

Is individual privacy a moral right?

Individual privacy can be termed as a moral right because itenhances wellbeing. Failure to respect individual privacy results inharm to people, for instance, when an employer gathers incorrectinformation and employs it as the premise for arriving at significantpersonnel decisions.

What are the conflicting values?

Conflicting values concerning individual privacy derive fromarguments in support and against privacy. While individuals feel thatno one should intrude in their personal life, advertisers deem itright to access private information and use it to market theirproducts, which they suppose does not cause harm.

What is the purpose in having an ethical decision making model?

An ethical model for decision making is important because it acts asthe organization’s guide to ensuring that they engage in ethicallyaccepted conducts. The model informs on the appropriate andinappropriate actions within an organization.

How would someone become competent in making better ethicaldecisions?

To become competent in ethical decision making, an individual needsto read and research on different ethical practices. This informs onwhat are good ethical practices, which in turn enhances competence inmaking ethical decisions.

As you review the material covered to date, how does it applies towhat you already know and are learning in other courses?

The material covered continues to inform on ethics, which affectsall aspects of life. I already know the importance of actingethically and the material reinforces on the significance of makingethical decisions.

What are some of the ethical issues related to the employer –employee relationship?

Employer-employee issues related to ethics include fairly treatingworkers, honesty and handling each other respectfully.