Marketing Research




Thismarket survey sought to investigate the level of customersatisfaction based on the value of products manufactured by LG. LG isa South Korean multinational that deal primarily with electronicproducts. Customer satisfaction – the measure of how a company’sproduct or services meet or surpass customer expectation – is centralto this firm because it mirror its capabilities to supply product orservices that can meet the particular needs and interests of itscustomers.


Theassumption of the survey was that: “Customers are satisfied withthe service they receive from LG’s customer care representatives.”


SurveyMonkey was utilized to conduct the survey. It is a simple andeffective tool for doing conducting diverse surveys ranging fromacademic to market. It provides users with a comprehensive system fordesigning research questions, selecting study sample, analyzing data,eliminating bias, as well as tools for representing data (Massat,McKay &amp Moses, 2009).The software summarises the research questions in graphs and tablesthus enabling quick and effective analysis of data.

Findingsand Discussion

Theresults of the market survey reveal that an above-average number ofLG clients are satisfied with the quality of customer service at thecorporation. 45/60 of the responses confirmed that they weresatisfied with the general quality of customer service. Furthermore,over 75 percent of the responses showed that the service carerepresentatives are knowledgeable about the firm’s product.Additionally, 50/60 responses indicated that the care representativesrespond to clients’ calls quickly, while 48/60 noted that LG staffprovide effective solutions to their issues. However, 30/60 of theresponses clarified that the quality of customer service isconsummate with other major market players, indicating stiff marketcompetition.


Massat,C. R., McKay, C., &amp Moses, H. (2009). Monkeying around: Use ofSurvey Monkey as a Tool for School Social Work. SchoolSocial Work Journal,33(2),44-56.