Marketing Research


Segmentfor Focus Group Discussions

Giventhe nature of the jeans that Levi Strauss has the target market ismainly the upper class and the middle class. The products produced bythe company targets mainly the age group of 13-24 years of age thoughthe product range may cover for individuals who are 30 years of age

ConductingFocus Group Discussions

Whenscreening individuals for the focus group discussions there are keythings that must be put into consideration. First, the participantstaking part in the study must be very comfortable with each othereven though it is critical that they should not know each other. Whendoing the screening it is critical to have a homogenous group thatwill ensure there is maximization of disclosure among the groupparticipants. Key issues that must be put into consideration includegender with an advocacy on both males and females as long as thetopic can be dealt with by both gender like the one on Levis Strauss.Additionally, there is age consideration and for this case, olderpersons may not finder a chance in the study. Cliques should also bea consideration with individuals taking into consideration themixture and composition of the group.

Outlineof Moderator’s Guide

Thescript of the focus group discussions is med of the introduction partthat entails introducing of an individual and the co-facilitator. Themeans to record the session explicitly explained. The focus groupdiscussion is done according to plan and script. There is need forsome room of spontaneity to allow questions that arise to beaddressed.

  1. Discussions concerning the details and descriptions of Levis Strauss as a product-15 minutes

  2. The brand that people like among the chain of products for the company- 10 minutes

  3. What individuals do not like about the Levis Strauss brand-20 minutes

  4. Distress when using the product or when encountered the product- 15 minutes