Module 3 application essay. Abstract

Module 3.

Module3: application essay.



AnOpen Letter to College and University Leaders: College CompletionMust Be Our Priority

Thisis a report by the National Commission on Higher Education Attainmentthat seeks to address the large number of cases of students who nevermake it to graduation level in the university. This piece of writingis a scheme for a college campaign that aims at motivating persons topursue a college degree to completion without falling along the way.This letter advices campus student leader on the key areas toconsider so as to encourage the success of the campus completioncampaign. These reform areas include increasing thecost-effectiveness and quality, altering the campus culture and alsocreating better use of data provided. The best suggestion has to fallon the offer of flexibility on working adults in improvingcost-effectiveness and quality.

Thisresearch is specific for campus students and campus life. Thisresearch has brought to life thoughts and beliefs of university lifeand how it compares to life in community colleges. Conducting theresearch was approving and educating as it provided moreenlightenment on higher education life. The results of the researchwere surprising especially with the high number working studentswhile still pursuing their studies. It was very interestingcollecting data on this project.

Therecommendations made for the success of this project relate to eachof the three problems analyzed. These recommendations includeincorporating more flexible hours for students who work while stillstudying especially in community colleges. This is so as to improvethe cost-effectiveness of the study as well as improve the quality ofeducation. In creating better and improved campus culture studentsare advised to consider their specific careers first before otheractivities they engage in at the university.

Iwould personally argue that the most promising solution is that whichrelies on improving the cost-effectiveness and quality of educationprovided to campus students. This is especially on creating flexiblestudy-working hours for such students so as to ensure that allstudents acquire the relevant skills they need and through the mostquality method.


Thenumber of students that attend school fulltime and part time can besummarized as:

Thenumber of students that work and work either fulltime or part timecan be summarized as:

6.4% of students do work while in campus. Approximately half of thesestudents work full time while the other half work on part time basis.

Thenumber of students who are caretakers for others such as children,parents, grandparents or other family members can summarized as :

Dueto increased community college concern by students, at least 10.1% ofstudents work as caretakers for others. Studentsare increasingly enrolling to community colleges because of theircheap nature and improved skill provision techniques. Communitycolleges also provide students with more flexible conditions forstudying especially for students who work while still studying.Students with special needs and disabilities too have had anopportunity to enroll to community colleges and achieve their dreamstoo. Community colleges give a chance to students who require extravocational experience especially after secondary education and evenfor elderly persons in the community. Veterans and otherprofessionals return to community colleges to gain more skills andexperience to add to what they have.


Payingfor school: This is an icon to direct a student on required steps andregulations on the process of paying for school programs. Thisicon provides an easier and more efficient method for students to payfees and other educational charges for the studies. It also providesthe students with a record of all transactions between them and theirinstitutions.

Campuslife: This icon on the drop down menu seeks to provide information onevents and occurrences in the campus. The resources for this icon arestudents and student events within the campus.Daily student life is full of different activities and theseactivities are documented on this section. This section providesinformation to students on events likely to happen within campus thatthey may be interested in.


EstrellaMountain Community College combines multiple options to assist one inreaching their academic goals especially persons with disability. Ibelieve that community colleges are on course in achieving theirobjectives. Students within community colleges may not acquire themost quality education due to huge numbers and limited time but atleast they manage to gain skills in their specific fields ofinterest. EstrellaMountain Community College provides educational services to personsof different age groups. The educational services seek to increasepersonal skills and experience on certain areas where people areinterested in.