Mortality and Morbidity Rates Lancaster County Pennsylvania


Mortalityand Morbidity Rates Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Basedon the most recent census, the population of Lancaster Countycurrently stands at 519,445. In the 2010 report, there are 193,602households in the county. About 69 percent of these were families,and 88% had children below the age of 18 (Holleran,2010). The average size of a family in Lancaster County was 3.13 (Holleran,2010).Thenumber of births by mother below the age of 18 is 199, which accountsfor about 2.8% of the total births in the County. This is also belowthe statewide average of 3%. There were 4115 births in the year 2014(2116 male and 1999 female) (City of Lincoln, 2014).

Birthrate Lancaster County

Birthrate by race and ethnicity

Itis evident that whites account for the highest percentage ofbirthrate in the county. This is expected bearing in mind that morethan 70% of the population is of white (City of Lincoln, 2014).

InfantMortality rate

Inthe past one decade the rate of infant mortality has been on thedecrease, with 2014 having recorded the lowest rate ever.

Deathby race and ethnicity

Topseven causes of death

Cancerhas been the leading cause of mortality in the County, specificallyfor individuals aged above 55 years. The current level of cancerdeath is 189 per 100,000 is consistent with that of the state (195)though it still remains higher than that of the Healthy people 2020on objective. Death rate in the County is also lower than thestatewide mortality (PennysylvaniaDepartment of Health, 2014).

Deathby Age Group

In2014, there were a total of 2,057 deaths in Lancaster County. Out ofthese 1021 were male while 1036 were female. The average age of maledeath was 71.3 years, while that of female was 77 years. Infantmortality rates in the county stands at 5.2.


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