Movie Analysis




Filmingis an art that has become central especially in the contemporaryepoch. Evidently, movies utilize the figurative composition toreflect on the daily endeavors of people in a society. In a way,numerous films irrespective of their genre utilize verisimilitude asa major style. Thus, through artistic and aesthetic beauty the coreintention of any movie is to outline a specific topic with immenseallusion to reality. The intent of this paper is to criticallyanalyze the film letsbe copswhich was directed by Luke Greenfield, by exploring various artisticand production elements that contribute to the overall effectivenessand aesthetic beauty in the film.

Overthe years, shooting of movies has been done purposefully with anintegration of elements such as music, lighting, character variationas well as costumes. A critical analysis of the film Letsbe Copsascertains that the movie is coherently organized to capturedifferent aspects of the character traits portrayed.

Firstthe film poses a strong single story line with a single overridingthematic concern of police impersonation. This element gives the filma sense of cause, momentum and a plot drive. The single story lineenhances consistency and systematic flow of events and occurrences inthe movie. It is worth noting that through the single story line, thefilm is able to create suspense and elicit curiosity on the part ofthe viewer to closely follow and monitor the flow of the events inthe film. Additionally, the strong single story line in the movieallows the viewer to rethink and review his or her anticipationsabout the characters as well as the thematic concerns addressed inthe film. Ostensibly, a single story line enhances explicithighlighting of events as well as easier comprehending of the movie’sintentions. Evident is the fact that at the beginning of the film,the main characters Justin miller and Ryan Malley begin by designinga plot on how to carry out their mission as fake police officers inLos Angeles and carry out police patrols in the city. Here, thesingle story line enables the viewer to garnered clue of what thefilm encompasses. The film later follows the same simple plot lineuntil the end.

Thesecond element is lighting. Many film producers depict lighting asthe film’s paint brush (Dyer, 1999). A close scrutiny of letsbe copsascertains that lighting is neither overexposed nor underexposed.Within the context of this film, lighting intensifies the subjectmatter in the film. Light variation in the film creates mood, setsthe tone of the movie, and draws the viewers’ attention as well asmodifying the shape and texture in film objects. It is evident thatthe movie lets be cops utilizes both back and side lighting an aspectthat creates visual flavor and pleasure to the eyes. At the sametime, the camera is set at an elevation angle where the full light,the back light, as well as the dark areas are well illustrated andoutlined to clearly reveal the characters as well as the objects inthe film.

Thethird element in the film is the star power. It is evident thatWayans and Johnson’s acting is excellent as each character acts hisrole perfectly without any character deviation. The film thusportrays good screen chemistry between the two main characters makingthe movie an excellent performance.

Additionally,the 3D animation effect in the film makes Letsbe Copsprominent in terms of consistency and flow of events and characterdescription. The animation effect brings out the restaurants, theroads, the environments and the overall ambience in the film as real,authentic and credible.

Moreover,cinematography is an element that cannot be ignored in the film. LukeGreenfield the director of Letsbe Copsenhances the quality of his movie through the use of the camera. Thefilm’s images are presented in a clearly composed, framed, focusedand creative camera work. It is clear that the images in the filmsatisfy the visual appeals of the audience. In Letsbe Cops,cinematography acts as a creative and an aesthetic art that speaksand highlights the film’s scenes through visual quality.

Anothercritical element that is creatively utilized in Letsbe Copsis screenplay and dialogue. It is evident that the conversation isthe backbone of each story. The dialogue between Wayans and Jake,acts as an extension of the concepts and ideas about the atrocitiesand illicit acts that transpire in the police force. Dialogue andscreen play therefore work together to bring out the aesthetic natureas well as the representation of the film’s plot.

Ina nutshell letsbe Copsis a contemporary film that vividly depicts some of the illicitactions that prevail in today’s police force. The film achievesthis through humor, creative camera work, screenplay, single storyline, lighting, cinematography, 3D animation as well as the starpower. Combined, all these elements contribute to the overallartistic and aesthetic effect of the film.


Dyer,R. (1999). AnIntroduction to film studies.London: Routledge.