My Belief My Belief




I believe in the spirit of apeople united by a common patriotic bond. Peace love and unity arethe charms that will propel us to our destined success. Whenever Igot up in the morning to the infinite melody of a singing bird, itsimply implied that my surrounding was peaceful throughout the nightuntil the break of dawn. It is not like how it was on the morning ofthe bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.Certainly not. I dovisualize the face of the earth when I compare the World War 1 and 2eras and a bright and sunny day in the 21st century. What facialexpression is the face of the earth making? Is it a cheerful grin oris it tears and frowns?

Peace begins with our innerselves being at peace with oneself makes it possible to have peacewith other people. As an international relations and diplomacypractitioner, there is nothing that motivates me more than to cast myeyes in the Middle East and see an innocent 9-year-old girl nursingwounds from a grenade that exploded outside their house while she wasplaying with her doll. It is more disheartening to know that she isreceiving traditional attention for all the hospitals around havebeen bombed down and no sign of believing f there was ever a hospitalcenter there. The obvious and inevitable question is how is that evenmotivational? It is motivational since it signifies that there isstill more to be done, there is room for change. If we safeguard thefuture of our children today, we safeguard our future as well. It ismore like insurance (Jun, 2010).

Today, I can have a dream of whoI want to become 7 years from now, but it will remain a dream if I donothing to attain the dream. It will never become a reality and sevenyears to come I might be still dreaming the same dream. The sameformula applies to a nation. A country can have great visions ofwhere she wants to be say 20 years to come, and even give the visiona name for instance vision 2030. However, it will forever remain abaptized vision unless the people collectively work hard to make thevision a dream come true. Harmonizing our strengths, improving on ourweaknesses, welding together our ideas and input of impeccable laborwill grant us our success.

Whereone’s heart is, is where one’s purpose and passion is. I began byidentifying my purpose of living, in a world of more than 7 billionpeople on planet earth. I am a peacemaker, as well as a friendshipmaker between me and others and between others with others. Today, Ifind my life trailing in that career line. When everyone identifiestheir purpose of living, then we will be able to fight what infringesus to our success. Be it environmental challenges, be it food crisis,religious wars or birth control, domestic violence, complete lack offreedom, drug abuse or dictatorship.

The passion that we have shouldfuel us to do better, and our scars should remind us that the past isreal.” A candle loses nothing when lighting another” said a wiseman. Sure indeed if the big countries in the world stretch a helpinghand to the countries in need, it also is considered as insurance.


Jun, Tsunekawa. (2010).Motivation A frequentdose for everyone. Journal of the Ritsumeikan University,2,27-36